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Transport Oxygen Concentrators: Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2017 to 2023
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About Transport Oxygen Concentrators Market

Worldwide markets are poised to achieve continuing growth as the transport oxygen concentrators are used at night by patients on portable oxygen concentrators during the day. People on oxygen wish to continue usual activities, the portable devices are useful for that during the day.

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Oxygen helps: stimulate brain activity, increase memory capacity, and boost concentration. Oxygen is useful for developing stronger alertness and raising energy levels. It is used to improve strength. Supplemental oxygen can be used to remedy irregular sleeping patterns. It increases physical endurance when used before and after exercising.

Transport oxygen concentrators are needed for night use by patients on portable oxygen concentrators during the day. People on oxygen wish to continue usual activities, the portable devices are useful for that during the day. Distributors are concentrated on determining which stationary oxygen concentrator supports patient lifestyle.

Transport Oxygen Concentrators and supplies are used for EWOT therapy. concentrators are operating in doctor’s offices, clinics, rehabilitation facilities, and by Individuals who want to experience the benefits of exercising with oxygen therapy. EWOT packages come complete with a 5 or 10 LPM oxygen concentrator.

The non - rebreather mask humidifier bottle and tubing provide access to oxygen. Transport oxygen concentrators support exercising. They increase a sense of wellbeing. Major factors driving the market for transport oxygen concentrators include ability to provide oxygen under all circumstances.

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The worldwide aging population is driving an increased need for supplemental oxygen. An increase in the number of people with COPD and other respiratory diseases represents the portion of the market that is dedicated to providing medical oxygen. Advantages of newer transport oxygen concentrator devices are that they weigh less, are somewhat quieter than older units, and are easy to use. They are generally affordable markets.

In order for the continuous flow transport oxygen concentrators to meet a wider range of oxygen demands, these machines are generally bigger than other portable units on the market. The typical weight of one of a continuous flow unit is 18 pounds up to 35 pounds, not including additional accessories. These are often just heavy enough that they require the use of a cart to transport the oxygen supply. While a continuous flow transport oxygen machine is portable, it is less portable than many of the pulse dose varieties available.”

Transport Oxygen Concentrator Market Forecasts

Transport oxygen concentrator markets at $135 million market in 2016 are set to become a $2.4 billion market in 2023 because they bring enormous value to people who use them while they are exercising and sleeping with a CPAP. Steady growth is anticipated because the transport units provide continuous oxygen flow capability.

Companies Profiled

Market Leaders

Philips Respironics

Chart / AirSep / Sequal



Market Participants

Applied Home Healthcare Equipment


Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare

First Class Medical

Foshan Keyhub Electronic Industries Co., Ltd.

Gardner Denver / Thomas Compressors


Jiuxin Medical

Leistung Engineering

Longfian Scitech


Nidek Medical


Precision Medical

O2 Concepts


Key Topics

Transport Oxygen Concentrator

Transport Oxygen Concentrators


Home Oxygen

Home Medical Equipment

Oxygen Therapy

Managed Care

Non-Acute Health Care

Unified Supply Network

Transport Pulsed Delivery Oxygen

Transport Continuous Pressure Oxygen

Transport Pulsed Oxygen

Patients on Oxygen

Home Oxygen Reimbursement

Homefill Oxygen Concentrator

Transport Oxygen Concentrators Market Share

Transport Oxygen Concentrators Market Forecasts

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Table of Contents

Transport Oxygen Concentrator Executive Summary 21

Transport Oxygen Concentrator 21

Home Oxygen Market, Continues to Use Transport Concentrators 25

Transport Oxygen Concentrator Home Medical Market Driving Forces 26

Change in Home Oxygen Market 28

Pressure To Reduce Costs As Part Of the Deficit Reduction Act (DRA) 29

Homecare Services Model Replaces Distribution Model 30

Transport Oxygen Concentrators Market Driving Forces 31

Transport Oxygen Concentrator Market Shares 32

Transport Oxygen Concentrator Market Forecasts 34

1. Transport Oxygen Concentrator Market Description And Market Dynamics 36

1.1 Oxygen Concentrator 36

1.1 Oxygen Concentrator Equipment 37

1.2 Transport Oxygen Concentrators Address Air Quality Issues 37

1.2.1 Chinese Oxygen Equipment Market Driving Forces 37

1.2.2 Places People Live with the Worst Air Quality 42

1.2.3 Raging Wildfires Across Northern California Generated Thick Plumes Of Smoke 45

1.3 CMS Oxygen and Oxygen-Related Equipment 46

1.3.1 CMS Oxygen Reimbursement Definitions 47

1.3.2 CMS Qualifying Arterial Blood Gas Studies 48

1.3.3 CMS Home Sleep Oximetry Studies 49

1.3.4 Home Oxygen Concentrator Equipment Medicare Reimbursement 52

1.3.5 Home Medical Equipment Market 53

1.3.6 Home Health Care 53

1.3.7 Third-party reimbursement 54

1.4 Homecare Market Growth Factors 55

1.4.2 Growth In Population Over Age 65 57

1.5 Oxygen Concentrator Uses 58

1.5.1 Transport Oxygen Concentrator Functions 58

1.5.2 Separation Of Oxygen From Air 59

1.5.3 Technical Trade-Offs Necessary To Design An Oxygen Concentrator 60

1.6 The Goal of Oxygen Therapy 60

1.6.1 How To Change The Amount of Oxygen In The Air We Breathe 61

1.6.2 Oxygen Concentrator Components 62

1.6.3 Lifestyle in the Home Health Care Business 64

1.6.4 Continuous Flow Transport Oxygen Concentrator 64

1.7 Types of Oxygen Systems 65

1.7.1 Treatment Trends. 66

1.7.2 Technological Trends. 67

1.7.3 Health Care Cost Containment Trends 67

1.7.4 Society’s Mainstreaming of People with Disabilities 67

1.8 Distribution Channels 68

1.8.1 Oxygen Therapy Systems 68

1.9 Oxygen Concentrator Applicable Population 68

1.10 Marketing Globally 69

2 Transport Oxygen Concentrator Market Shares And Forecasts 73

2.1 Transport Oxygen Concentrator 73

2.1.1 Home Oxygen Market, Continues to Use Transport Concentrators 77

2.1.2 Transport Oxygen Concentrator Home Medical Market Driving Forces 78

2.1.3 Change in Home Oxygen Market 80

2.1.4 Pressure To Reduce Costs As Part Of the Deficit Reduction Act (DRA) 81

2.1.5 Homecare Services Model Replaces Distribution Model 82

2.1.8 Transport Oxygen Concentrators Market Driving Forces 83

2.2 Transport Oxygen Concentrator Market Shares 84

2.2.1 Transport Oxygen Concentrator Market Shares, Units and Dollars 87

2.2.2 Transport Oxygen Concentrators Coded by Medicare 88

2.2.3 Philips Transport Oxygen Concentrators: Philips Respironics EverFlo Q 88

2.2.4 Chart / AirSep 89

2.2.5 Chart Industries / SeQual 89

2.2.6 Chart Industries / CAIRE 89

2.3 Transport Oxygen Concentrator Market Forecasts 90

2.3.1 Transport Medical Oxygen Concentrator Segment Market Forecasts: Medical, Sleeping, Exercise 96

2.3.2 Transport Oxygen Concentrator Evolving Market Position 96

2.3.3 Oxygen Concentrator Installed Base Analysis 100

2.3.4 Homecare Is Poised To Grow 104

2.3.5 Unified Supply Network 104

2.3.6 Telemedicine Being Integrated Into Homecare 105

2.4 Respiratory Disease Market Metrics 107

2.4.1 Percentage of Older People by State. 110

2.4.2 Medical Conditions Requiring Supplemental Oxygen 114

2.4.3 High Flow Oxygen 116

2.5 Transport Oxygen Concentrator Prices 117

2.6 Oxygen Concentrator Regional Market Analysis 125

2.6.1 Transport Oxygen Concentrator Regional Market Forecasts 126

2.6.2 North American Home Medical Equipment 127

2.6.3 United States 129

2.6.4 Japan 129

2.6.5 NTK is the market leader for oxygen concentrators in Japan. 130

2.6.6 Philips Positioning in Europe 131

2.6.7 Germany 132

2.6.8 France Oxygen Concentrators 132

2.6.9 Philips Global Market Position 133

2.6.10 Chart 138

3. Transport Oxygen Concentrator Product Description 139

3.1 Respironics EverFlo 5LPM Oxygen Concentrator 139

3.1.1 Respironics Rechargeable Li Ion Battery for EverGo 141

3.1.2 Respironics SimplyGo 141

3.1.3 Phillips Healthcare SimplyFlo 145

3.1.4 Philips EverFlo 149

3.2.2 Philips Respironics EverFlo Q Stationary Oxygen Concentrator 150

3.2 DeVilbiss iGo 154

3.3 SeQual eQuinox 154

3.4 Chart Industries’ CAIRE Inc 155

3.4.1 Chart SeQual Eclipse 5® 155

3.5 Oxlife Independence 159

3.6 Invacare Solo 2 159

3.7 Inogen 160

3.7.1 Inogen At Home Oxygen Concentrator 160

3.8 NTK 161

3.8 Chinese Oxygen Concentrators 163

3.9 Nuvo 172

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