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Tips that can help create outstanding tradeshow booth
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Tradeshows always bring heavy return on investment but only if done in most professional and compelling way. It is very important for a tradeshow organizer to attract audience towards their booth. The larger the number of visitors to your booth is, greater number of leads can be generated and heavy ROI can be expected. When it comes to designing a booth, there are three key factors design, promotion and implementation which can guarantee success of your booth. Let’s deliver some cool tips that can help you through all these steps:


Setting and addressing goals:

The most important thing is to set your goals for the trade show. Ask yourself what is the reason or objective for this trade show. Are you launching some new product or service? Or are you here for lead generation? Answers to these questions will help you make clear approach towards your targets.

Color choice:

Color choice is very important aspect of outer appearance for your booth. Using logo colors increases recognition of your brand by 80%. Also using smooth and pleasant colors attract attendees towards your booth.

Create focus points:

Create a spotlight for important products or elements of your store. Such focus points will be great attraction for your audience and will also tell them about your main products.

Consider renting iPad’s and other gadgets:

iPad rentals is best choice

A large video wall can be seen from large distances similarly using iPad rental helps you keeping interactivity with your audience. There are many tablet hire services providers around you where you can rent a iPad for your booth with full range of accessories and stands.


Curiosity & excitement:

You can attract and compel attendees to your booth by creating curiosity and excitement for some of your products and services. This step starts with writing compelling and persuading headlines for promotional emails, social media posts and ads. iPad’s and other digital equipment can also be a source of excitement for audience of the event. Rent a iPad and use it for some gaming related survey application.

Promote where possible:

You should promote your booth on every platform and occasion where possible to create awareness for your booth. Digital invitations, event news on your website, write a promotional article on your blogs is all that you need for promoting your booth online. The most important approach while addressing your audience is, telling them about yourself and your products and services and what are the benefits in it for them.


Hang things on low height:

Hang any items or decorative products on low height on eye level. This is the place where audience can easily watch and sometimes interact also.

Focus on new products:

Focus on your new products and services that can be source of attraction for audience. Create focus points and present them innovatively with benefits and pros of their usage. 

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