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The Value of SSD Storage for Industrial Applications
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The need for a storage solution to not only be functional but reliable and efficient in extreme operating conditions further complicates the situation. Conventional data storage systems often fail to meet all these requirements.  Enter the need for rugged industrial SSD drives.


Industrial SSD offers an excellent solution for industries that face data storage problems. The solid-state drives are built using state-of-the-art technology to ensure reliability, performance and endless customization. The NAND flash storage technology in the SSDs provide blazing-fast read/write speeds for faster data access. These SSDs can be customized to work with existing infrastructure and can be tailored to meet the specific storage requirements of any industry. As flash storage is more reliable and fast compared to the traditional storage systems, SSDs are gaining popularity in most heavy industries across the world.


Solid-state storage is ideal for sophisticated data centers


Solid -state drives have seen a gradual rise in popularity as a reliable data storage solution. Although the early adoption of these storage systems in some industries was slow, they have exploded in popularity in the recent years. The cost was one of the key factors in holding the Solid State Drive (SSD) technology back, but with technological refinement in NAND flash storage, SSDs have become more affordable for use in industrial applications.


Swissbit AG's Roger Griesemer wrote about the rise of SSDs in industrial applications in his very well written piece in Electronic Engineering Times. He opines that the popularity of SSDs in data centers results from their ability to handle massive data with ease. He also writes that low operating costs also contributed to the rise in popularity of SSDs in data centers.


As the data centers expand, the energy costs to maintain traditional storage devices shoot up. However, with industrial SSDs, the operation costs are a fraction of conventional systems thanks to the power efficiency technology. The technology allows the operators to shut off specific portions of the drives that are not in use. As a result, the energy is not wasted in powering non-essential sectors. The smart power management has no impact on the performance or reliability of the drive. Taken together, these features make SSDs an attractive storage solution for the industrial corporations.


Griesemer also explained many advantages of SSDs over traditional HDDs in the article. He states that the SSDs are quiet, energy efficient and shock-proof; qualities that are tremendously desirable in an industrial setting. Furthermore, the lifespan of an SSD is nearly ten years compared to just a few years with a traditional HDD. Griesemer went on to talk about the only disadvantage of the SSDs being initial cost. He argued that although the initial costs with SSDs are higher compared to HDDs, they offer more value for the investment.


Although it may take some time for the cost of SSDs to match that of HDDs, a vast majority of enterprises have started to acknowledge the superiority of SSDs and willing to switch. PC SSDs are equipped with a robust Error Correction Code to ensure data safety and protection. The SSDs also contain Redundant Arrays of Silicon Independent Elements to offer data protection that is up to 100 times superior to the traditional HDDs.


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  .   s.giderson.au
As we evolve alongside the digital age, digital storage isn't really something that we can brush aside. Every individual and corporations alike require at least some digital storage to a certain extent. Even in Melbourne, the situation is basically the same where everyone owns at least one digital gadget that requires digital storage space to function.
  .   Cameron Robertson
In this modern era that we are currently living in, almost every individual owns at least one tech gadget. This means that almost everyone needs some form of digital storage for even the most basic necessity like photos. Services like we have at storage Warriewood can solve your physical data storage like the archiving of your confidential documents, but for digital storage it becomes a separate need. The industry will continue to evolve as demand grows in order to fulfill users' unlimited need for digital storage.
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