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No matter whether you are looking for a change or it is the case of you feeling stuck in a particular profile for more time than you would have liked, the need for an executive recruiter is a must. And just to be clear, there’s more to life than what they would bring to the table than adding value to your efforts of finding a suitable job. For the same reason, we thought of creating this blog post in order to help the case of executive recruiters.

They are the door to inside information: Such type of human recruitment specialists, develop fruitful relationships with a good number of corporate employers. That goes on to include a lot many managers and a few from the higher leadership as well. Through these networks, executive recruiters are able to grasp the nerves of a company. They know the culture that is embraced at the workplace and whether or not the candidate would be a right fit for the same or not. Imagine, as an applicant, what this type of an advantage could meant for you.

Razor Sharp Edge: Going by a stat, as much as 74% applications are rejected by the human resource department on first glance. Many don’t even get to have that first glance. So to let any of the top executive recruiters make your representation is a good idea after all.

Personal coaching for the interview: Ever been to a gym, ever saw the trainers giving special attention to people. That is what such talent miners are meant to do. Their concentration lies on the fact that their clients receive the guidance and personal coaching which moulds their perspective on answering questions.

Knowledge of un-publicized positions: Irrespective of the kind of industry you are in, the corporates always accept referrals. At least that is suggested by the recruitment industry trends. There are so many associate, mid and higher level positions that get filled even before they are posted on any of the job portals. Why is that? Because an employee of the company referred someone and that someone got the backdoor entry if you would. A similar kind of situation happens to with top executive recruiters. They are probably the first few people who come to know about an opening, so why not make the most of it.

No cost paid to the executive recruiter: For all the efforts that your human capital puts into it, you wouldn’t be asked to pay a penny. That happens to be the case because the executives will be paid by the company, that the candidate is successfully placed into. The protocol states that when the candidate is on board and accomplishes a time period of at least three months at the incumbent company, it is then that the recruiter is remunerated.

In the end, it becomes a win-win situation for everyone, as the applicant gets the perfect match for the company and the human capital investors get their fair share of the pie.  

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