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The Secrets Behind Safe Piano Transport
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Even the most experienced movers can confess that piano moving is difficult. But there are some measures they take to ensure that the heavy instrument reaches its destination safely.

  • Forget the DIY maneuvers

No matter the size of your piano, never try to relocate it with the help of a neighbor or family member. Any of such attempts would be fatal. Remember that your instrument is very expensive and you might be forced to use a lot of money to repair in case of heavy damage. Instead of risking, get a piano moving quote and prepare a budget for a professional relocation.

  • Assessment

Prior to moving a piano, professional movers evaluate the instrument and figure out how to move it. The keyboard is taken off plus the top and foot boards. These parts are braced with moving blankets and carefully strapped into the truck. A shrink wrap is used on the piano to ensure that the wood remains in its best condition.

  • Quality moving equipment, and packaging materials

Expert movers come with the necessary equipment such as dollies to carry a grand piano. Packaging of the heavy machine must be done meticulously to ensure that all parts of the instrument are stored or secured firmly. The packages should be in a position to absorb impacts which occur during travelling through bumpy and rough routes. These measures are guaranteed only by adept transporters.

  • Skillful moves

Narrow doors and balconies are major challenges involved in the movement. Such problems can only be overcome by experienced handy men. Good moving companies employ highly experienced movers. They cannot risk tarnishing their reputation by having the wrong field workers. The best relocation companies have skilled personnel who completely understand all the moving techniques for safety.

  • Dismantling carefully

The experienced movers have the right knowledge for disassembling the delicate parts of a piano. They are familiar with all methods of bracing the pieces and covering the board. The piano must be strapped to its board for security purposes. A very high degree of precaution is taken during loading and off-loading. Blankets are used for rapping to create cushion during movement.

  • Tuning

It is recommended to tune a piano once it reaches its destination to see if everything is good. However, it may take time before it gets accustomed to the new place. Note that humidity level differs from one area to the next and it is a major factor that affects the sound.

  • Appropriate manpower

Piano removals involve three to seven men depending on the complexity of the instrument. Good companies are dedicated to providing the right manpower because the transportation is a precise operation. Movers understand the fragile nature of a musical instrument and take it with the delicate maneuvers it deserves.

If you are hiring piano movers, learn first about the company so as to be on the safe side. Then make comparisons of piano moving quotes from different companies and get services from the company that suits your budget.

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