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The secret for safety and sustainability in transportation
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London is one of the sophisticated and dense urban areas in the world. Though it may seem adequate and efficiently planned, it is facing the problem almost every other city is facing, the need for safe and sustainable transportation means within the city. Adoption of my means that reduce accidents and does not pass the burden of construction and operations is key in ensuring a safe and economical city. We highlight some of the ways to achieve this here.

Why There Is A Need To Develop Safe Urban, Transportation Means

No one wants their child to be in the risk of being run over by a heavy truck when going to school. In addition, no one wants their child to toil and pay costs imposed on him/her by their parents. We all need a good place for our children. Thus, London can only be that place if transportation within the city put no one in harm and was sustainable. Hence, the need for sustainable and safe urban transportation methods is borne.

Sustainable Modern Means Of Transportation Within London

There are a number of means, but the one that stands out of all is cycling. It may seem a bit unusual but pondering about it, it is the ideal solution to this problem.

The other means need integration of infrared technology and are also discussed herein.

Cycling involves the use of bicycles, mainly mountain bikes to move around the city. This method is by far the most efficient to use in London. Yet, it brings with it a lot of benefits not just in cost but also to the environment.

Some people have already identified this opportunity as the safest and most sustainable to use in London. There are numerous advocates for cycling with some coming from the London Borough of Brent. Together, they form the London Cycling Community which draws members from London and its suburbs. This group carries the dream of a safe London with no high transportation costs. If not convinced, the advantages below of cycling will definitely make you subscribe to this method.

Advantages of Cycling

1. Cheap

What one needs to buy is a bicycle and protective gear only. Compared to public transportation, the initial capital outlay is very little. A bicycle is more than 1000 times cheaper compared to a bus or a fancy car. The better part is that there is no constant payment of fare as you do with public transportation means. For private car owners, a bicycle does not need fueling almost every other day. Furthermore, maintenance is cheap and occurs less frequently than for automobiles. You only need some oiling and greasing. Simple maintenance activities can be done all by yourself.

2. Sustainable

As aforementioned, the burden of constant payment of fare is completely finished. There are no costs incurred in the maintenance of roads and if they are, they are cheap and rare. A bicycle does little damage to a track, if any, compared to a heavy truck.

3. Safe

The probability of a cyclist hitting a child going to school is close to nil. Even when the unfortunate event occurs, the damage done is fairly less injurious than compared to a heavy truck. The speed of a bicycle is relatively low and control is better at such speed.

4. Environmental Friendly

Cycling does not degrade the environment. There is no emission of fumes at all. Furthermore, there is little noise pollution if at all any. In fact, cycling only makes cyclist stay healthy and safer. You not only avoid the charged sedentary public transportation seats but also burn some calories and stay healthy.

Road Safety Audit

This method will encourage safety by setting up a gap between the road user and the vehicle. Planning of new roads in London should be done in a way that streets are treated as means for pedestrians to stay close to their homes. Thus, no busy road should be within a busy street. When the inevitable need to have a road in a busy street comes, pedestrian flyovers should be constructed. However, with proper planning of roads and careful safety audit, a safe gap is always available between the road user and the vehicle.

Intelligent Transport

This method will not be sustainable in the short run until fully implemented. Utilizing methods such as adaptive cruise control to maintain safe gaps between vehicles will increase safety. Likewise, the use of a vehicle to infrastructure mechanism will always ensure there is a distance between vehicles and people.

Urbanization is inevitable and equally beneficial. However, there is a need to embrace methods of transportation that do not make it a burden to us. With cycling and walking over short distances and a little deployment of intelligent transport technology, safety and sustainability can be achieved in London.

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