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The Ominous Online – How Older Businesses Can Transition into the Digital Age
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For millennials, certainly, digital content and online sharing are second nature. Yet, what happens if you built your empire before the age of smartphones and social media?

It can be tough for older companies to take their first steps into the digital world. This is particularly true for those who haven’t necessarily had a need for instant communication and super-fast broadband. Entrepreneurs have been attracted to countries like Thailand for a long time, but the reality is that many Southeast Asian markets are just catching up

They are progressing at a remarkable pace, however. So, it’s time for every small business (young or old) to embrace its digital identity. Keep reading for some tips and advice.

You Are Not Alone

There is a huge amount of support on offer for businesses in Thailand. You’ve got to remember that the country has packed a lot of its technological development into the last two decades, so most people are still learning. Corporate vendors like Servcorp Virtual Offices provide entrepreneurs with secure, affordable workspaces. On top of the essentials (broadband, IT support, customer helplines), you can access many technical and administrative services.    

Make a Move to the Cloud

The cloud is something that can seem very daunting for those with less technological experience. However, far from complicating operations, it actually makes them much simpler. Once you get the hang of how cloud storage works, you can dispense entirely with manual software updates and nightly backup routines. It is all automated. All you have to do is make sure that you keep tight control over who is allowed to access the accounts.

Time to Get Mobile Friendly

Five years ago, you could have gotten away with suggesting that mobile friendly websites were a bit of a fad, but it won’t work now. They are, indisputably, the future of online content, so you have to get on board. Mobile optimisation is the process of changing website content and designs to make sure that they are fully accessible on mobile devices. You can get software to help you with this or you can hire an SEO specialist.

Join Social Media

Many business owners over the age of fifty still feel very intimidated by the idea of Facebook and Twitter. They either worry that they won’t understand it or they feel like they shouldn’t be on there because they’re too old. Unfortunately, just like mobile optimisation, being active on social media is less of a preference now and more of a requirement. Set up a profile on each of the major platforms and update them at least once per day. 

Be Prepared to Network

One overlooked method of gaining knowledge and technological insight is networking. As already explained, countries like Thailand haven’t been computer crazy for as long as people in the west. Many local businesses are still learning, which makes the region a supportive environment for older entrepreneurs trying to go digital. Check out some of the fantastic co-working spaces in central Bangkok for opportunities to chat, collaborate, and pick up skills.

Why Virtual Workspaces Are a Great Choice

When people talk about the benefits of virtual offices, they tend to focus on things like flexibility and the freedom to make changes to the terms of use. Less discussed are the advantages for older entrepreneurs who need extra technical support. Virtual providers deliver a ‘one stop shop’ for businesses all shapes and sizes, no matter what their experience or status.

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