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The 4 Best Dust Prevention Sprays For Your Home
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Dust sprays come in many forms and their work is to protect surfaces from becoming dusty. Some work by removing static electricity around electronic devices. Others are non-static and non-staining solutions that can be sprayed on hard surfaces and fabrics to offer a long-lasting remedy for dust issues. Dust suppression products are economical and suitable for offices and homes.


Non-wax Spray :

Non-wax dust prevention formula does best in fingerprints, allergens, and smudge removal. It has no traces of alcohol, wax, acetone, vinegar, or ammonia. Since it is not waxy, no residue is left behind after use. As a matter of fact, it eliminates wax residues from other elements. It is very appropriate for allergic people since it produces minimal mist and smell. This makes it hypoallergenic and asthmatic people have nothing to worry about. It is safe for baseboards and furniture.


Multi-surface spray:

It is used to maintain cleanliness of any hard surface in a very simple procedure. The fact that it is multi-purpose means that the user doesn’t have to buy additional products for different surfaces. This spray is suitable for plastics, woods, flat screens, metal, laminate, mirrors, glass, and electronics. If you want to get rid of fingerprints from stainless steel or water marks from shiny surfaces, then a multi-purpose spray should be your choice. It is particularly best for electronics as it is non-static and streak – free. Note that a spray with silicone is not very safe since this element makes a surface softer hence reducing quality if it seeps inside crevices and weak areas. Repairing a surface that has been weakened by silicone is very difficult. So make sure that you purchase a dust spray free of silicone.


Dust and shine:

This is a special spray with a pleasant scent that stays for a whole day. It doesn’t leave any residue on surfaces but makes them shine. It produces a very fine mist. The best surfaces to spray include marble, granite, and leather. There are no traces of wax in dust and shine spray.


Duster Spray:

This one is designed for lamps, shelves, auto interiors, furniture, floor, picture frames, and lamps. It cannot be used on electronics. It has a special capacity to keep off dust for longer periods than other types of dust sprays. It also prevents fur and sand accumulation on surfaces. When used on floors and furniture, it leaves a noticeable sheen like that of polish and if used continuously, it doesn’t have any side effects. It is highly recommended for safety of the environment since it has no chemicals like CFCs, silicone, phosphates etc. It is packed in a steel container which can be recycled. Most people confuse this product with special electric wipes for computers and screens which contain alcohol.


These are the 4 dust suppression products recommended for home use.

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