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System x X6 Servers Shatter Industry Performance Records Using New Intel Xeon Processor E7
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The creation of enterprise X-architecture (EXA) in 2001, Lenovo’s machine x[1] EXA servers have led the enterprise in overall performance, attaining dozens of world report effects. those records span the breadth of workload types, from records warehousing and on line transaction processing to virtualization, choice-guide, and greater.

When the 6th generation of EXA (X6) debuted in January 2014, the fashion of setting new global information persevered, with eight more #1 outcomes in 2014 and early 2015.

Now, incorporating the new Intel Xeon E7 v3 series of processors (codenamed Haswell), device x X6 servers have shattered even more four-processor performance international facts:

TPC-E[3] — The Lenovo system x3850 X6 done a rating of 6964.seventy five tpsE, 24% quicker than the preceding file.
TPC-H[4] @ 3000GB — The device x3850 X6 scored seven-hundred,392.four SAP SD Training Queries according to hour H (QphH) @ 3000GB, fifty one% faster than the preceding record.
SPECvirt_sc2013 — The device x3850 X6 scored 2655 @ 147 VMs, 27% faster than the previous record.
2-tier SAP SD (walking home windows) — The x3850 X6 done 30,501 SAP SD benchmark customers, 22% faster than the previous record.
SAP BW-EML scale-out @ 1 billion data — The x3850 X6 performed 1,992,570 nav steps/hr @ 1 billion data, 29% quicker than the preceding document.
SAP BW-EML scale-out @ 10 billion statistics — The x3850 X6 executed 269,960 nav steps/hr @ 10 billion, the primary server ever to use 10 billion initial information.
ANSYS Fluent x86 R16 — The system x3850 X6 carried out the very best performance fee ever for a unmarried x86 server at the fluidized_bed_2m  benchmark with a score of 4035.5, 19% quicker than a further configured previous-technology gadget baselined by Intel. (New benchmark; no preceding R16 record.)
These consequences prove that system x X6 servers stay the top of the line performance servers across a extensive range of workloads, encompassing each rack and converged infrastructure/blade shape factors.

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