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Struggling with low sales? Try 10 tips to skyrocket your e-commerce business
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There are a great many e-commerce shops immersing the online world and so, to prevail amongst all is a challenging task. Some clear their approach to success while some stagger and here it ends up noticeably essential to know what could make your ecommerce store design plainly successful.

While investigating, you'll locate various elements in charge of accomplishment of an e-commerce business. These components can possibly move your business benefits and are the must-took after tips. Take a look at the sorted 11 brought for you:

1. A Go-ahead Inbound Strategy

When you put in strategically approach towards earning audiences organically, inbound marketing comes into practice. 

By building a winning inbound strategy for your e-commerce business, you keep on hauling the traffic and attracting potential customers through it.
How to do it?
It begins with attracting more qualified visitors; all you need to focus on are technical SEO, foundational content writing, strategic content creation and social promotion with consistent supervision.
Now, convert the gotten leads into customers. 
You are endeavoring to guide leads smoothly through the sales funnel, till the final buying decision is made.
Remember, you receive different leads at different stages of sales funnel and your actions to convert them into customers should be relevant to their types.
Plan your marketing strategy smartly for the different buying stages your users are at.
Bring in attentiveness and consistency in your services and keep on wowing your customers.

2. Bank heavily on SEO

To increase your visibility amongst your potential customers, ensure that your presence is SEO-proofed.
There are several factors that need your consideration such as keyword optimization, site structure, internal linking and usability, as these are integral to your reflectiveness.
To gain higher listing ranking, optimize entire item specifics sections and also, create an impressive ‘about me’ page.

3. Let mobile takes the charge

Is mobile important?
Studies say that there would be expected5.07 billion mobile-users by the year 2019 and the figures clearly specify that mobile will overtake desktop search within years as more & more users have started opting to shop from their mobiles.
The answer of the above mentioned question gets revealed. So, when your e-commerce store isn’t mobile-friendly, you are losing lots of revenue. To leverage upon the viral mobile traffic to your site, ensure that your e-commerce store is responsive and renders viably on differed mobile devices.
With this mushrooming growth, businesses have gotten brilliant opportunities to expand their audience base by simply evolving through mobile friendly website and apps for their brand. To keep yourself safe against the risk of getting left behind in the race, go mobile-friendly.

4. Abide by Wish-list Reminder Emails

Sending wish-list reminder emails is a great way to leverage upon additional opportunities. After being successful in making your customers add products to their wish-lists on your site, don’t forget to send reminder emails.
These kinds of emails are highly effective, as successfully helping & convincing customers to take the final step in purchasing a product for which they have possessed the intention to purchase. See below how Birch box does it successfully:

Shopify and BigCommerce web development both ecommerce platforms provide reminder email app facility.

5. Consider Social Shopping

Social commerce is witnessing huge popularity amongst online buyers, within platforms like Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.
These all are now empowering users to purchase from traders, without any short of third-party intervention. Yes, absolutely directly from the sites. 
So, when you are marking on your presence on these platforms such as Facebook store, you are opening up opportunities to reach new audiences and sales growth.
Today, more and more companies are leveraging the power of social shopping, so, why to miss it and lose the immaculate growth potential.

6. Make use of Remarketing

When you expose your previous past visitors to your ads when they are browsing the web, it’s called Remarketing.

Retargeting your visitors is considered as a brilliant strategy as helping advertisers/brands/businesses to reengage and eventually convert these users/visitors into loyal customers.

Stats say that 70% of people fail to complete a purchase on a site and when your retarget these people, you are leveraging upon the additional revenue.
The types of ads that have been found effective for e-commerce businesses are: one showing visitors, products being previously added to their cart and other showing users, products they have shown an interest in. Using the strategy, you are able to turn your visitors into customers.



7. Monitor Customer Activities

It is really helpful in increasing your sales as tracking & monitoring your customer activities. By using the insights gained from analytics reports, you can uninterruptedly grow and expand your store. It helps you build on your marketing tactics to keep up driving users to your site as you have their whereabouts.
You can do it by setting up a free Google Analytics account, then, keep track of your customer’s website activity. It gives you great info while also making you understand how your visitors are reaching up to you; arriving at your site whether the source is social media, a search engine, or direct traffic.



8. Optimize your product pages

A product page plays a huge role in influencing your potential customers to make the purchases.
So, when you are successfully driving traffic to your e-commerce site, users are landing on it; yet it’s half the battle won. Your next step is to lure them to make the final purchase through impeccable product page; else they will leave.
Keep yourself in your customer’s shoes and there make sure that the images are sufficiently bright and clear, giving shots of the things at various edges. Keep the item depiction illustrative and specifyeach & every detail including material, handling &care, etc. 
Be clear with the return procedure; mention delivery charges whether it’s free or inexpensive; all the info must appear reliable and trust-worthy. Show up other customers’ feedback; simply make it greatly clear that what you are offering to your customer through this product.





9. Paid Marketing 

Pay-per-click marketing through channels like Google AdWords, Google Shopping or Facebook ads;these are all extremely effective in promoting products and driving traffic to your e-commerce site. It is important and must be continued with effectively tracking and monitoring the campaigns run by you.
These are your substantialinvestment, and you must keep an eye to know what’s working; what’s not.
It should be useful to your business, providing increased leverage.




10. Audit Your Website Regularly

When you are an online seller, you cannot simply ignore User experience as it plays an integral role in letting your visitors decide whether they want to stay on your website and make a purchase or leave.
As an e-commerce merchandiser make sure that:
• Your website’s navigation is straight-forward
• Your product descriptions are unmistakably passing on the key information 
• Your site’s design is clean




You will always find selling as challenging. It’s a difficult process and to increase sales, you need to take thoughtful steps based on recognized values and techniques. Practice these 11 tips to boost your e-commerce sales and let us know in the comments below what works for you.
Author Bio - Saurabh Rawat is a eCommerce marketing specialist working with a Shopify web design agency - CGColors. He loves to help small businesses with their digital marketing initiatives and specializes in E-commerce SEO and conversion optimization. 
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