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Simple Tricks to Boost Your Site's Conversion Rates
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When you have an ecommerce site, your conversion rate is one of the most important metrics, and it's something that you should always be looking to improve. A higher conversion rate essentially means that more people are taking the action you want them to, and this action will vary depending on what page of your site they land on. In most cases, though, a conversion on an ecommerce site is when a visitor decides to purchase your product. To get better results from your site, here are some simple tricks to increase your conversions.


Improve Page Speeds

A couple decades ago, people were more patient while using the internet. But that was the time of dialup and waiting several minutes just to connect to the internet in the first place.

Considering most consumers now have access to high-speed internet and expect everything to load in a matter of seconds, not minutes, your site needs to be fast if you want a good conversion rate. A slow site will lead to more visitors getting frustrated and bouncing.

It's fine to build a dynamic site, but make sure that you're not overloading it with too many items that slow it down. You should also check how fast it is using the Google Developers PageSpeed Insights tool. This tool is as easy to use as it gets. You simply plug in your site's URL, and the tool gets you a speed score, with 85 and up being good.

The tool will also tell you how you can make your site faster. It does this for both the desktop and mobile version of your site, and it's important to check on both.


Use Conversion-Centric Design

Ecommerce website design is obviously a key factor in achieving a good conversion rate. Even seemingly small changes in design can make a dramatic difference in how many people click the Buy button.

Your site needs to be professional and easy to navigate, but you should also design each page with conversions in mind. Each page should be 100-percent focused on getting the visitor to take the action that you want.

This means that you should avoid making pages too cluttered, as this could distract the visitor from the page's intended purpose. If it's a product page, the entire page should be setup to get people to add the item to their cart.

One smart way to improve design elements on pages is A/B testing. This is where you change a single element on the page to see which version of the page gets better results as far as the conversion rate is concerned.


Target the Right Keywords

Conversions depend on more than just your site. They also depend on the visitors you're bringing in. You can control this, to an extent, by the keywords you choose for your ad campaigns.


The best method to choose the right keywords is to get inside the head of your target market. Consider what search terms they would use if they were planning to buy a product today.


It's generally better to use more specific search terms, provided they still have a solid search volume each month. When people are looking to buy something online, they tend to be more specific than when they want to just get some information.


You can also try adding the word "deals" or "sales" to product keywords you're targeting. Web users will often use these terms to find lower prices, and if they're using those terms, it typically means they're ready to buy.


Because of how important conversion rates are, you'll need to continually look for ways to improve them. Even a small uptick can mean much higher profits for your business. Give the tips above a try to optimize your site and get more conversions out of it.

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