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Simple Tips To Organize a Functional, Clutter-Free Office
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Nobody likes living in a mess. It’s impossible to keep up with your responsibilities while you’re surrounded by a bunch of unnecessary clutter. Imagine how it can affect productivity in the workplace. Some people look at their desk as a personal sanctuary. Unfortunately, not everyone treats their sanctuary as they should. Since you are never alone in the workplace, having a mess will affect everyone you work with. If you or your employees aren’t keeping things tidy, it might be time to put your foot down and make some important changes. Here are some things you can do to de-clutter your office.

  1. Control your sticky notes

Sticky notes are an essential part of any well-organized office space. You might need some reminders on your desk once in a while and sticky notes are the best way to never miss an appointment. Unfortunately, it’s not an uncommon thing to see a desk that is absolutely filled to the brim with sticky notes. This gives off the impression of a mess and it should be avoided

You shouldn’t swear off sticky notes altogether, but try to minimize their number. Stick to writing down the most important things you have to do during the day. Things that aren’t priorities should be set aside or written down in a notebook instead. Set up an expiration date for your sticky notes. There’s no reason you should have a sticky note for longer than a week.

  1. Use that storage space

You need to ask yourself if you’re making the most of your storage spaces. Things like shelves and bookcases should be filled to capacity. It’s better than keeping books and notes all around the office. After all, that’s what these spaces are used for.

If you have books and files standing around the office, it’s going to give off the impression of a messy workspace. Nothing that is used for work should be laying on the floor. If any drawers still have space, make sure you make good use of it.

  1. Limit personal items

There’s no reason you shouldn’t make your workplace feel like home. Having a personalized desk with photos of happy memories and loved ones is one of the best ways to increase worker satisfaction and motivation. Just like everything else, it should be in moderation. If you end up drowning in personal items on your desk, it’s going to cause issues with your work.

Telling your employees to get rid of some personal things is going to be a difficult task. Make sure you emphasize that it's not about the items themselves, but rather it's about making the workplace neat and appropriate for work.

  1. Don’t let the office become a utility closet

After some time, workers tend to forget that the office is a workspace. It's not a second storage facility. The office shouldn't be used as a haphazard dumping ground for materials and products. That's part of the reason you have a warehouse to supplement the office.

It’s going to be difficult to do any quality work if you’re surrounded by clutter. If your office looks like this, it might be time to get rid of any excess items. If employees can’t carry out boxes and documents by hand, getting them a basket trolley might help. As long as there aren’t piles of boxes cluttering up your office, you should be able to continue with productive work.

  1. Have containers for everything

Sometimes you can’t avoid having a bunch of important office supplies that can’t easily be contained. Some projects require a bunch of paperwork and materials that you can’t just set aside. Still, there’s no reason you can’t try to contain it in one specific area. Organize your work stuff in project baskets and bins whenever possible. You can mark them with a pen so you always know what they’re used for.

After you're done with your project, there's always going to be some unused material left over. If you want to keep an environmentally conscious office, you might want to put that material to good use. Recycling is the best thing you can do to keep your office green. If you get yourself a couple of recycling bins around the office, it's going to do good for your reputation as an environmentally friendly workplace.


They say a well-organized desk is the key to a well-organized mind. Your office space has to reflect the philosophy of your company. Keeping it a mess will reflect poorly on your business. If you want your employees to be happy and productive, it’s important that they have the right working conditions. Remind them of the importance of cleanliness and good organization and it will do wonders for office productivity. Follow some of these tips and you should be able to keep everything under control.

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