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Seven Hidden Facts About Harry Potter SVGs
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There are countless superhero SVGs found online and both adults and kids love to apply them as entertainment tools during special occasions.  Take for instance SVG designs for Harry Porter. They are commonly used in making of shirts and other fun decors. Do you ever wonder why people love to use images of Harry Porter? Find out some answers herein.

  • The friendship bond that never dies

Potter and Granger fight occasionally but make up before the day ends. They are always supporting one another during difficult times. Throughout the series, they stay as true friends. Even though they come across other friends along their journey, the old friendship never dies. So, Harry porter SVG design is a constant reminder of the value of true friendship. That is why it is shared by most friends to show solidarity.

  • An escapism route

In some incidences, fans of Harry Porter wish to be witches or wizards, anticipating an owl to bring an admission letter from Hogwarts. Reading this book or watching the movie helps people to escape a little bit from reality and have fun.

  • Harmony

So many characters are brought together in the series. Potter clubs originated from Harry and a lot of people gather to explore the story book’s plot. Others love to watch the movie together during Potter themed events. These are ways of appreciating Harry while building harmony.

  • Relatability

People can identify with different characters and events in the story, from struggles of Potter and his friends, half and pure blood and disputes between muggles. It is also possible to reflect on different social classes, caste systems, and religions. Rowling, the author, develops characters and circumstances in which real people relate to. The life changes from simple to hard, something that people discover as they grow up.

  • Reading inspirations

The movie motivates us to read the book that brought about the play. Once you begin to read it, you cannot stop. This makes reading more enjoyable and easier even for young kids.

  • Charms of the olden world

The main character is set in the modern world but the entire masterpiece consists of old charms like stoned paths, old castle, and magic. One thing that makes the story so alluring is the element of timelessness.

  • Out of the world but credible

The characters live in a world of magic which is not possible in the real world, but the magic makes readers believe in the supernatural world. The plot triggers imaginations in ways that bring the magic to life. For instance, a reader starts to take Harry’s problems as their own hence believing in the magical world.

Just like Disney princess SVGs, Harry Porter designs are used by fans to keep good memories of a memorable series. Harry Potter is a fictional character who evokes different opinions among his fans especially teenagers. Some people love the series while others criticize it. Nevertheless, the main character is loved for the above reasons.

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