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Setting Up a Motivational Home Office
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Though you may not always feel like working when you get to the office, you cannot really deny that the environment sort of forces you to at some point during the day. That is actually mostly to do with the setup. As Chandler from FRIENDS said, ‘Dehydrated Chinese noodles under fluorescent lights… does it get any better than this?’ That said however, those in the creative field have more variety, as creative offices such as those in advertising and digital media for instance are more laidback. If you work from home however, as comfortable as it can be, it is also important that you have a professional, attractive space to ensure you do not spend all day snoozing instead. Here are a few tips to help you.

Get Rid Of Distractions

There is no need to crowd your desk with motivational and inspirational quotes, arts and other Knicks and knacks. In fact, throw those quotes right out the window, they are not really in any more. By all means, keep a picture or two of your loved ones, a piece of art that makes you happy and so on, but the aim to reduce the distractions as much as possible. As it is, you have your phone and the Internet to distract you which can be difficult enough to resist; you do not need to add to it! Keep your desk crisp, clean and filled only with the things you need.


Though you are not going to be using those dreaded fluorescent lights at your home work space, lighting is still an important component you need to consider. You need plenty of it to work, so make sure that wherever you plan on setting up your workspace, has access to plenty of natural sunlight. If you have to keep your lights on throughout the day in order to have enough visibility to work without a problem, you will rack up quite a bill so be mindful of that. When shopping for office desks for instance, you need to consider this since the size and shape of the table needs to fit the area that has the most light coming in.

Bring In Nature

Include plants in your workspace. Nature has an inherent way of reviving tired souls, and as of late there has been a lot of attention drawn to this particular fact. A good thing too, seeing as how we are more exposed to concrete jungles than typical jungles on a regular basis. Opt for aloe Vera or snake plant for instance, as they have air purifying properties. There are others with the same traits as well, so when shopping make sure you research a bit beforehand. A strategically placed plant or plants will work wonders on your mind.

Be Well-Stocked

Make sure you have all the equipment you need. That means one of those printer-scanner-copier machines, plenty of stationery, and rubber seals if you need them. Working from home does mean you can work in your pyjamas without anybody knowing, but it does not mean you cannot be well-equipped. You will need to respond to client queries, and ensure you deliver on time without any issues, so make it a point to monitor what you need and restock when necessary. 

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