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Why poor branding could be affecting your business prospects
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Not only do we use digital and the Internet for work, but just think how many apps you use in your daily life too. You may use Instagram and Facebook for keeping in touch with friends, online banking for you to manage your finances and even other platforms such as weight loss apps or fitness websites. Now consider what each of these platforms have in common. You don’t even have to look too hard to see that each and every tool you use is carefully and consistently branded. From websites to apps and social media, it’s essential to have your branding perfectly executed if you are growing your business.

Now consider your own website or social media channels for a second. Are you consistently using your company colors or logo design? Do you even have any branding to start with? How do you expect your customers to engage and respect your company if you aren’t instantly recognizable? Poor branding spells trouble for digital businesses. Are these factors letting your branding down?

What makes you different?

Remember that your company’s brand provides an instant point of reference for your desired market. Even if you deal in animal food products or the industrial sector, remember that your branding makes you different. Remember that you should position your strategy so that your customers want to do business with you. In this instance, pricing alone isn’t enough.

Lack of Consistency

Poor consistency is damaging for brands. No matter the size and scale of your company, if you aren’t consistent then you will lose respect. Make sure that you have a series of brand guidelines for your employees to follow. This will help educate and provide understanding as to what your brand means and why you need to be consistent when using it.

Inconsistency in your brand logo or imagery will confuse your customers. Remember, if they can’t trust in your brand then they won’t contact you. Poor imagery and confusion will ultimately cost your business. So be sure to take a tip from branding greats and keep your branding consistent across all your digital channels.

Poor Brand Values

Customers need to know that they can rely on you as a business. So if your brand values promise outstanding customer service, but you leave a potential client on hold for twenty minutes, then this doesn’t reflect well. Likewise, if integrity or team work is among your values, then you need to be sure to follow these. Removing or failing to respect any brand value means that your company no longer exists. Your values are the foundation of your brand and your company. If you ignore these, then your customers will take their business elsewhere.

Have you recently experienced poor customer service? Do you even still use this company? This is why branding is so important overall.

So if your online branding is letting you down, or you aren’t keeping tabs on your brand values, then now is the time to make some changes. Your biggest critics are your customers, and with the power of social media, any slips that you make up will soon be broadcast to the world. So if you want to avoid losing clients or hitting the headlines for the wrong reasons, then make sure your branding is on point.

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