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Things need to done before hiring Kaizen Consultant
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Real creativity not lies in getting new resources but using your existing resources in a new way. The thing which matter is how strong your leadership quality is. The need of getting an external wheel totally depends on internal foundation. Although during development, one learns to proper utilize the tools but more importantly it relies on effective decision.

At times of loss and difficulty, company hires an external Kaizen consultant. They are those experts who have worked with many organizations, and seen many successful and unsuccessful ventures. Sometimes, it turned out to be a good way to rectify loops from a third eye. They are able to define certain goals and perspective according to the requirement of the company.

The goal is basically the broad definition of what the team is working towards. Generating exact goals could be a difficult task. It is necessary to establish realistic goals, which require the best output from everyone, but setting an unattainable goal will serve only to destroy efforts.

The basic structure to draw goals and objectives, works on 5 point.

  • What specifically you want your employees to achieve? Every company has its unique business area. They must know what exactly they are targeting.
  • At what extent you would be satisfied?
  • Are you asking too much from your team? This is certainly every company need to clarify. Attainability is factor and one should push to that extent only. Doing it exaggeratedly could cause an inverse effect
  • It is something crucial, very crucial. The goal you are aiming for is relevant or not.
  • At last, every goal causes the maximum impact if it is done on time, so decide a fixed deadline for completion of every work. Those who are not punctual, they lose important things.

Once you have derived desired goals, you can hire a Kaizen consultant but, there are some key points to be kept in mind before any engagement with the consultant.

  • Management- It’s the authority which is responsible for managing everything within company’s domain. It’s their duty to take the organization towards operational success. So, do not expect any external consultant to manage on your behalf.
  • Reliability- If a company hire any consultant, they pay for it and contracts them for fixed time. They work for limited time duration and relying too much on them could be dangerous. Infact, one should become self-dependent instead of treating consultant as their path maker.
  • Patience- This plays an important role in success of this process. Mostly, we expect overnight changes and seek instant benefits which are certainly not possible. Just one have to clearly demand what is needed and provide the necessary resources. Slowly-slowly with sustained efforts and commitment, you would find improvements.

Remember one thing that Kaizen is not a destination; rather it is a continuous journey. Company should maintain its improvement standard even after the tenure of the consultant and gradually increase the level of goal but never forcefully implement it. This is certainly the best possible way to be successful.

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