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Revealing Some Truths about Credit Card Debt Settlement
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When you are going through a financial crisis, you could get swayed by debt settlement advertisements. But credit card debt settlement could be pretty challenging. Certain questions keep doing the rounds. Is it really easy to settle your existing credit card debts for less than what you actually owe? What could be the consequences of credit card debt settlement? In order to find answers to all these questions, you must learn about the truths and misconceptions relating to credit card debt settlement.

Not Any and Everyone Can Get Their Credit Card Debt Settled

There has been a myth that anybody could get their credit card outstanding debt reduced by half for whatever reason. However, in reality, legitimate debt settlement firms would check out if the client qualifies for debt settlement. They would be scrutinizing details regarding their financial crisis and other hardships such as pay cut or medical issues, divorce, loss of job etc. that have got blown out of proportion.

You may be borrowing from one of your credit cards for paying back the balance on some other credit card. Everyone cannot just get an opportunity for getting debt settlement. Only those, who have a legitimate financial crisis, would qualify for credit card debt settlement

You Could Even Settle Your Credit Card Debt on Your Own

There has been a misconception that you could settle your credit card debts only when you hire somebody to do so. There are several debt settlement reviews available online, effective guides, and instructions are found if you browse the Internet. You could successfully negotiate and settle your debts on your own. However, if you wish to hire the professionals, you could go ahead and hire a debt settlement company of repute. It could be of immense help if you have the expertise of an experienced negotiator fighting for you. You could do your debt settlement on your own but the fact remains that expert professionals could do it much better and help you get huge reductions.

No Upfront Fees Involved

You do not need to pay any upfront fees for debt settlement. You would not be losing control over your money just because you have hired the services of a debt settlement company. In this context, you must understand that debt settlement firms that indulge in marketing their services would be banned if advance fees or upfront fees are demanded from the customers much before reducing or settling your unsecured debt or credit card debt. The companies would require complying with the October 2010’s ‘Federal Trade Commission rule’. Moreover, you could stop seeking help from the debt relief company without any kind of penalty.


It pays to keep in mind that debt settlement would impact your credit score or your credit report. Your credit profile would be affected adversely both by bankruptcy and debt settlement. Remember your settlements, defaults, and such other incidents would not be affecting your credit score unless of course, if they have been reported officially. 

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