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Plastic Bags Vs. Paper Bags –the Comparison
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Some suggest plastic is sturdier and durable, some force on paper bulk carrier bags eco-friendly nature. It is quite tough to make the better choice between the two. So, here’s a blog for you. It unveils the truth behind the two and would help you to stick on the one. Read further to explore the comparison.

Plastic Bags –Water Proof, What Else!

A plastic bag is made up of polyethene. This makes it water proof which is the only good quality a plastic carrier bag probably has. Otherwise, it draws grave harm to the Mother Nature. Also, it is an unrelenting curse to the marine life. Fish and other aquatic beings swallow plastic bags and encounter demise. Not just the aquatic life suffers, but the animals like dogs, goats and cows also intake food with the plastic it is packed in, and suffer to death.

Plastic bags are no doubt cheaper; this makes them still the better choice to rule the planet. Most of the industries and retailers manufacture and sell it as their production is much cheaper than their paper counterparts. However, plastic is far more harmful to the life.

Paper Bags –Vibrant, Safe & Earth Friendly

Paper bags are the real savers. These are made up of paper pulp which is natural and promotes well being. Unlike plastic, it is completely biodegradable and recyclable, blessing the planet with greenery. Paper carrier bags wholesale are making the new choice of the countries across the globe. No doubt, plastics are more durable than these, yet the market is launching paper carrier bags made up in layers, thereby are sturdy.

Moreover, the paper bags are available in different shades, shapes and sizes. You can carry groceries, books, toys, fruits and veggies in it and keep them safe inside. Also, people use them for art and craft purposes. Being natural they draw little harm to the little kids. The paper bags for sale are making a great option for the ceremonies like wedding and birthdays to put and give away the gifts in them.

The choice is clear, paper bags are way better than the plastic ones until you want something waterproof. Say “Yes” to paper and “No” to plastics!

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