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iPhones and iPads with IBM Enterprise Solutions – A Dream Come True…
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Classic Enterprise Mobility Solutions from IBM Big Data and Analytics integrated with the ever so elegant iOS designs on iPhone and iPad is a big dream come true for businesses across the globe.


Enterprise Mobility is all set to reach a different plain altogether with an array of savvy business applications by IBM Big Data and Analytics dedicated for iPhone and iPad. This transformation of Enterprise Mobility Solutions would be a fusion of sorts where the IBM acumen for Big Data and Analytics combines with the intuitive designs of iOS.

Truly, a mobile led business evolution.

iOS with BigData

As announced jointly by IBM and Apple this July,

  • Over a hundred industry-specific enterprise solutions including native apps for iPhone and iPad
  • Optimized Cloud Services from IBM for iOS to enable
    • Device Management
    • Security
    • Analytics
    • Mobile integration
  • Apple services for Enterprise Support
  • IBM Services for device activation and supply chain management

We await the release of the new IBM MobileFirst for iOS solutions, which will explore IBM Big Data and Analytics capabilities on the very versatile and robust iOS. iPhones and iPads might be shipped with these integrated solutions for enterprise clients. The complete change in the work patterns of businesses and employees would be ushered in with these enterprise solutions. Efficiency, customer satisfaction and quick turnarounds are all set to follow.

Mobility powered by data and cloud is the most innovative idea in the recent times.Mobility solutions become app-centric. The single solution has metamorphosed into specific, targeted apps to capture content & data and deliver information from employees, consumers and vendors in a seamless and perfectly integrated manner. BYOD, Consumerization of IT, Cloud Computing, Social Media and SEO; the raging trends propel the mobility solutions into a completely new direction.

When the two giants of technology and innovation meet, the life style metamorphosis of companies, employees and customers would be complete.

The Fusion of the Giants



SPEC INDIA has 27+ years of experience as a software application development partner for clients spread across over 25+ countries using varied technologies providing customized solutions in areas of Desktop Application Development, Web Application Development, Mobile Application Development and Enterprise Mobility Solutions.

As mobile and wearable devices take over the world today, we recognize the powers of Enterprise Mobility Solutions as being the most sought after techniques to roll out innovative business solutions.Our teams keep up pace with new technologies and solutions to enhance older ones and bring them into our services.

source : http://blog.spec-india.com/iphones-and-ipads-with-ibm-enterprise-solutions-a-dream-come-true

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