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How to Maintain Your Tyres for the Best Performance of Your Car?
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According to TyreSafe, 989 motorists were killed or severely injured on British roads due to avoidable tyre defects. That’s more than 50% of all road fatalities recorded the same year. Road safety awareness is the key differentiator in most cases.

Alarmingly, a majority of car owners are unaware of the standard tyre care practices, which as this piece of statistics indicate, causes several unwarranted deaths every year. Why not put in a little effort and ensure road safety for everyone?

Guidelines to maintain your car tyres

To keep an eye on your car tyres, you need to manage certain aspects. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Maintain recommended tyre pressure: Sustaining proper tyre pressure is an essential factor for on-road safety. You can find the recommended pressure in your car’s manual. You will also find it inscribed on your OEM tyres’ sidewalls as well.

Continuous use of tyres in Newark tends to decrease their pressure, and you need to refill the air when it does. Thus, once every week, check the air pressure and inflate it to the recommended level, in case the pressure is low.

  • Rotate tyres: Tyre rotation is imperative if you want to avoid uneven wear. If you rotate them after a regular interval, they would likely last longer, and it would be much safer for you to ride the car. Since the front tyres experience a higher degree of wear than the rear ones, it is paramount that you rotate them occasionally. However, the procedure is different for directional and non-directional tyres Newark. Follow the owner’s manual to know the exact rotation cycle

  • Inspect tread condition: Inspect the tread of your tyres regularly. Usually, tyres start wearing near the edges, which could denote that they are under-inflated. On the other hand, over-inflation would cause central tread wear. Either way, it needs to be fixed right away as tread wear makes the tyres in Mansfield vulnerable to leakage, punctures, or even worse, blowouts.

  • Wheel balancing and alignment: Aligning wheels and balancing them affects the suspension, and thus, your car’s performance is automatically enhanced. The adjustment is hampered in the first place due to the regular impact of the road. Hitting potholes or driving on rough surfaces would do that as well. Proper alignment helps the wheels remain parallel to each other, whereas perpendicular to the surface.

Wheel imbalance, on the other hand, skews the equitable weight distribution of tyres. To adjust the balance, you need to visit a garage where they will add lead weights to specific spots where the load has been reduced.

  • Driving habits- How you drive your car directly determines the rate of tyre degradation. Sudden and excessive braking needs to be avoided to retain the condition of your car tyres. Sudden acceleration and taking sharp corners at high speeds are also detrimental to the condition of car tyres.

However, even after taking proper measures, your car tyres Mansfield will need replacements after a specific time. Take your car to a reputed service provider, such as Farnsfield Auto Centre, which houses an extensive range of tyres. They also offer other essential services, such as wheel alignment, diagnostics, replacing car batteries, MOT as well as retesting.

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