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How to get more likes on IG?
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Instagram is a great way to share vivid memories and moments with your friends, family, and fans. 

If you publish a lot of photos, but they still can't score the desired number of likes on the counter, follow the instructions below to learn how to get more likes on your photo or video. 

Likes are nothing but the way to make you feel better about yourself or to make an image of your life look more interesting in the eyes of the visitor.
Another but more important thing - the number of likes helps to analyze the quality of the account's posts. Usually the worse the content is, the fewer are the likes on the counter.

Free Method of getting more likes: 

To boost the popularity of your photos on IG, I recommend using the basic rules: 

1- Make your pictures look fascinating and interesting. Master your skills in retouching and collaging. 
2- Your content has to be original and authentic. Don't upload pictures from the Internet, most of them are already seen by everyone, thus they are of no interest. 
3- If your photo doesn't really rub, make a great or even viral description to turn it memorable. Ask your visitors questions, make them write comments on your posts, so it can collect more attention and likes.
4- Put right hashtags, a link to my guide on using hashtags on Instagram is already here.
5- Open your profile and make it look good. Put a beautiful avatar and tell who you are or what you do. 
6- Follow and comment other accounts thus getting reciprocal actions. 
7- Find a middle ground on how often your posts are published. You have to make at least two per day. 8- Put a geotag on your photo, your picture can get to the top of this tag.
9- Make a post in the middle of the day, when the work already seems much to be boring for the most of us and we take our phones to get a little distracted and to have some fun. 
10- Don't do it in the early morning or between 4 and 7 pm, when most of the people are too busy to visit them.

Paid methods:


It's an easy thing if doing it with BuyIGLikesFast, you're always free to do it your own way with the required amounts of likes! 
You are the boss and a personal manager for the promotion of your account to buy Instagram likes as many as you wish and the way you consider the best! 
We don't have any potholes to hide from you as well as we don't want to make your life on Instagram more complicated in general.
All our team is rather working on making the efforts on Instagram promotion much easier to do. 

Visit the best website for improving the popularity of your photo and video content - buyiglikesfast.com

- You start right away doing the first things first. You don't need to install a third-party software or special skills, all you need is a device with an internet access. 

Our site has an easy, user-friendly design, available from mobile phones and tablets as well as laptops and desktops - usually, it takes less than a minute to place an order and 1-3 minutes after sending the payment to get the result.

- All the orders are accepted only Online. Furthermore, we don't require your pair of login and password - we have to be provided only with a link to your page or an account name. 
This means it's time to forget about the mostly spurious fraudulent software and services. Especially the ones, that make you share a login and a password for your profile.
It's already no surprise that such software may cause damage to the operating system or even infect your device with viruses. 

- All your personal data is under protection. No matter if it is authorization codes or personal images or credit cards data, you risk nothing while visiting buyiglikesfast.com. 
All the systems run confidential at a high level of security.

Ok, now you're ready to start a promotion campaign right now with a minimum of investments! This point is extremely important for beginners because no one knows that money is money better than they.
Keep in mind, that our site provides a free test service to convince visitors of the quality of the delivery. The difference is only in the scope.
However, you can always start with buying a few likes, if you don't have the time and desire to collect them by yourself.

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