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How to get more likes on Facebook Business page
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Social Media Management Orlando

Just as store devoid of customers at peak hours might be presumed to indicate low customer satisfaction, so too a business page on Facebook that has just a handful of ‘Likes’ might be presumed to indicate an unknown business and therefore reason enough to jump to another page.

The quick fix steroid solution to the above situation is to pump in a few thousand ‘Likes’ to get the process going. But beware of which quick fix solution you use. The dozens of service providers offering to supply Facebook Likes for a fee are the equivalent of quacks in medical profession. Their services will not only cost you a pretty penny, it will prove counter-productive to your business interest and we shall explain why in a bit.

When you resort to buying Facebook ‘Likes’, these Likes are inserted either via fictitious Facebook accounts or, via people who have clicked ‘Like’ either as part of a quid pro quo programme or because they will earn a small fee. Once their ‘Like’ is registered, their whole interest in your page ends. You end up with dummy Facebook Likes. There will be no interaction to any of your posts. Lack of interaction will be seen as something very strange by genuine fans. The whole intention of your business page on Facebook will be suspect. Your Facebook business page will flounder before it has even a chance to takeoff. This is why buying Facebook Likes should be avoided at all costs.

Getting your Initial Genuine Facebook Likes

Once you have setup your Facebook business page, do not assume that fans will automatically find it – they need to be informed of its existence by you. There are three ways you can inform your customers and they all involve one or another form of advertisement. There is no other way.

The first and most popular method is to email your customer informing them of your Facebook page and also providing them a reason to visit it e.g. a discount sale announcement. This method is popular because it is the least expensive and usually delivers reasonably good results.

The above method of course will only serve to bring existing customers to your Facebook business page From Internet Marketing Services Orlando. And again, not all might even open the email. The general rule of the thumb is that roughly 5% might open the email and of these, one percent might actually visit your Facebook page. Assuming you have 100,000 customers this would equate to roughly 1,000 Likes. But these will be your cheapest and quickest Facebook Likes.

Taking it Forward

Every business requires growth. Prospective customers arriving at your Facebook page will not only bring in additional Facebook Likes, they will bring in additional business.

The second and third methods involve online advertisements. Generally speaking, new customers are usually brought to the page via online advertisement From Orlando SEO Experts; either on Facebook itself or some other site or search engine.

Keep it interesting

Keep your Facebook business page interesting. Mix anecdotes and latest news with your business posting. Elicit comments on something that might interest your customers and so on. And don’t forget the seasonal discounts and special offers.

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All are familiar with face book and twitter nowadays and in business we can use this as a medium of marketing your business. Normally we have created a page in face book and make it more public. Getting likes on face book page showcase the reach of your business. photo editing india restoration services
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