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How to Choose the Best Cooling Weighted Blanket
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Cooling weighted blankets have been prescribed for years by therapists for their patients with Autism who have issues related to sensory input. They also have suggested them as part of treatment for those with sleep issues such as ADHD, stress, anxiety, and Restless Leg Syndrome, among others.


The original weighted blankets, as well as their covers, proved to be too hot for a great many users, including many women in their menopause years. This is also true for anyone who uses a regular memory foam mattress that responds to and retains, body heat. To remedy this, manufacturers of Katy Mattress came up with a “cooling” weighted blanket as opposed to the “warming” weighted blanket. 


Tips in Choosing the Best Cooling Weighted Blanket


There are several factors to consider when choosing a weighted blanket like this.


Size - the rule of thumb is the blanket should fit the user, not the bed. If the edge of the blanket hangs over even one side of the bed, the blanket will slide off the bed because of its own weight.


Fabric - cotton has been found to be the most efficient at cooling since it is lightweight and breathable. It’s actually considered to be the best fabric choice for all year round use. Polyester is another good choice.


Filler - most blankets use a variety of fillers from organics like rice and sand to inorganics like virgin plastic and glass. Organics hold in heat while inorganics don’t. In fact, research has shown glass beads allow for a more even distribution of weight over a person’s body and keep them cooler than any other filler used.


Durability - all blankets need to be washed at one time or another, and weighted blankets are no exception. When choosing a cooling weighted blanket, you should take into account how often it can be washed before it begins to fall apart. Another factor is how well the fillers react to washing. Organics tend to swell and lump together while inorganics don’t.  


Weight - this factor is another one that relates directly to the user of the cooling weighted blanket. The rule is 10% of the person’s body weight, and the average is between 7 to 12 pounds. Nobody should use one over 15 pounds as it can actually be more detrimental to your health than beneficial. Babies should never use one and neither should children under 20 pounds. The frail and elderly should use lighter weight blankets no matter what they weigh.


Manufacturer - who the manufacturer is can not only lower the cost of the cooling weighted blanket, it can also ensure only quality materials were used in the construction of the blanket. Make sure the manufacturer offers a money-back guarantee of at least 15 days.




Getting yourself a cooling weighted blanket is a big investment, and it should not be undertaken without making sure you’ve considered all of the above. Personal preference is a big factor, and it must fit your needs else, you’ve just wasted a lot of time and money for nothing.




























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