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How Service Dog Training is Beneficial For Patients With Specific Disorders
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There’s no denial why dogs are considered as man’s best friend. No one else will be happier than ever to see you coming home than your four-legged, furry friend. Apart from eternal love and affection, dogs undoubtedly help in maintaining a better health. With proper service dog training in Texas, the therapy and service dogs can contribute a great role in society. They help their owners in doing their day-to-day activities, making their life easier and happier.

If you are also interested in service dog adoption in Texas, here are a couple of things that you should know in advance.

Service Dogs Help Patients of Speech Disorder - Dysarthria patients lack coordination of muscles during speech movement. In such cases, therapy or service dogs can contribute in increased attention span as well as coordination.

Relieves Anxiety - Service dogs also help people fighting from issues like anxiety, ADHD, ODD, and severe disruptive behavioral disorder. Research has shown that touching a dog has a healing power. It induces the production of happy hormones - dopamine and beta-endorphin.

Helps Fight Dementia - When elders or old people develop dementia, service dogs can offer help in doing the regular tasks. These include things like retrieving items, walking with afflicted and offering support to those who need it mentally or physically.

Improve Communication - Dogs interact wonderfully and uniquely with humans and make them feel easy. They can sense and understand human commands, vocalization, gestures, and more. Studies have shown that people who find trouble in communicating find it more comfortable to do the same with a dog. This is due to their ability to listen but not criticize.

Helps Patients of Autism - Dogs give a reason for communication between autistic patients and their families. They act as a non-judgemental medium to talk to and possess a common interest,  meanwhile enabling them to profit from their additional ability to improve communication.

Helps in Household Works - Service dogs get training in doing several household tasks such as retrieving medication for the patient, answering doors, sensing smoke detector when the patient is unresponsive. They are also known as animal-assisted therapy trained dogs.

Apart from these, there are also diabetic alert dogs in Texas that are a great help for patients suffering from diabetes. You can consult Aretas for any query regarding service dogs.

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