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How Local Businesses Can Benefit from Printed Media
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When it comes to competing in a local marketplace, sometimes business owners are overwhelmed by all the options open to them. We have heard so much about making our presence known on Google local, catering to local searches, that we sometimes forget the many benefits of printed media in a local market. If you are looking to grow your customer base, and of course your bottom line, take time to learn about ways in which local businesses can benefit from printed media.

Don’t Wait for Them to Search!

Yes, most people now search for new businesses online but that doesn’t mean you need to wait for them to do a search! Printed media is one way to get the word out to your local target market without waiting for results in the SERPs or on Google local ads. From flyers to calendars to keychains and everything in between, you can order printed media from folderprinting.co.uk. The more people you give your printed media to, the more visible your brand will become. That’s the key to effective printed adverts, visibility.

Printed Media Is Proven to Be More Engaging

With the preponderance of popups on the internet, many consumers try to avoid the internet as much as possible when reading the news or seeking information on any given subject. Libraries are still quite busy for this reason, and will continue to be so as those irritating popups keep growing by the day. They are distracting, to say the least, and no matter how engaging the content may be on a given website, the reader is likely to lose their train of thought as they seek that obscure X to close down the advert. Printed media is more engaging for that reason alone!

 Visible Brand Recognition

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of print media for growing your business is the inherent visibility hard copies provide. Consider for a moment what happens when you finish reading something online. Chances are you’ll either shut down your computer or flip your mobile phone back to the home screen. If you’ve advertised on a website, the moment the visitor clicks off that page, your advert is no longer visible. As the old cliché goes, “Out of sight, out of mind.”

If you want to increase brand recognition, it is essential to keep your name in front of potential new customers. That won’t happen if they shut down their laptop or flip over to answer a call. However, if they receive a flyer in the mail with an offer for 25 percent off their next purchase, most consumers will pin that ad in a conspicuous place so they don’t forget about it when they next go shopping or have need of the services you offer. It’s hard to miss a coupon taped to the front of your refrigerator or pinned on the family bulletin board.

The very best advantage of all is woven throughout every one of the above benefits – visibility. Print media offers the ultimate visibility that isn’t shut down when you finish reading it! It’s still there reminding you of a merchant or business you’ve yet to try.

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