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Egress Windows and Curb Appeal
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When it comes to exterior items such as windows, doors, and siding people seem to forget that they serve a purpose aesthetically as well as keeping out the elements. In fact, if you asked people how many windows they have in their home they would most likely have no idea. Unfortunately, when it comes to windows people don’t want anything to do with a window until it breaks or leaks. In fact, egress windows are even thought about less. People don’t even know what they are until their kid moves home after college and you need to put an egress window in the basement to make his new bedroom code compliant.

However, there are certainly some people out there who truly care about the aesthetics of egress windows. These are typically people who are looking to move into a new home and they already know that they are planning on using their basement as a living quarter or a bedroom.

To make sure that your home sells for as much money as possible and to make sure you maximize the most square footage of your home you’ll want to make sure you have an attractive egress window to gain curb appeal.

Let’s get educated on how to improve curb appeal with egress windows.

What type of Egress Window?

What type of window do you have in your home? The type of window is the most important part here. Do your windows slide up and down? Do they slide left to right? Do your windows push or crank out?

There are many different types of windows out there and egress windows are made in almost each and every type. The average home has single or double-hung windows. These are the standard type of windows where the bottom slides up. You want to make sure you are matching your egress window with the rest of your home. If a potential home buyer comes to your property and they see big casement windows in the basement but double-hung windows in the rest of your house they’re going to think you threw something in there with no planning.

Make sure you match the egress window to the rest of your house.

What material is your windows made out of?

Most people are also clueless when it comes to choosing the material for their egress window. In fact the average people probably has no clue what their options are. In this day and age everyone typically goes with vinyl windows. Vinyl windows are the plastic-looking windows that come in a few different colors, typically white or beige. If the windows in your home are white vinyl windows they you’ll want to make sure you match that with the rest of your home.

If you have all vinyl windows and then you install a big wooden egress window it will stick out like a sore thumb. In addition to that people will also be annoyed because a wood window requires maintenance.

When it comes to curb appeal make sure your window is made out of the same material as the rest of your home.

Colors, Grids, and Extras.

You’ll notice that your windows are unique. They may be painted, have grids or muttons in the glass, have ½ or full screens, etc. Make sure you match all of these specs when you are installing your new egress windows.

Let’s say you have white vinyl windows, painted black on the exterior, with ½ screens and internal painted grids. If you’re a smart homeowner and you care about curb appeal you’ll make sure the egress window you install is the same shape, material, and also has white vinyl, painted black on the exterior, with ½ screens and internal painted grids.

If you care about your home, and you should, you’ll want to make sure you maximize your home sale by following the curb appeal steps mentioned above!

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