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Get to Know the Members of Your Event's AV Crew
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When hiring an AV team, you most likely get a list of members and their assigned positions. But, have you ever wondered what each of their tasks entails? Read on to get to know the responsibilities and job titles of your audiovisual crew.

Technical Director (TD)

The TD leads the whole AV team. Typically, this person sits at the center of the production floor so they can monitor the whole thing. They're the ones in charge of managing the event flow and making sure that it's seamless. This person works with a great deal of independence and makes judgment calls for any last-minute issues.

Since the TD may be called upon if there are any technical issues, they must be knowledgeable about the techniques, methods, and procedures for the light, audio, and visual departments.

Video Technicians

The number of department members depends on the event's size. There'll be a V1, the lead video technician and a V2, the assistant. V1 decides which content will be shown on different monitors. V2 helps in preparing these visual materials. These people work behind the scenes, making sure that everything that needs to be recorded or projected is taken care of.

If your event needs to be recorded or live-streamed, it's crucial to hire suppliers that provide quality audiovisual equipment.

Audio Technicians

Much like with the video team, there's an A1, the lead audio technician, and an A2, the assistant. These people make sure that everything and everyone sounds good. The A1 handles the mixing board that's connected to the main audience speakers. On the other hand, the A2 is onstage to move around microphones and equipment as necessary.

If your event features a band, you may also have a Monitor Tech. This person is positioned at the side of the platform to mix the performer's music.

Lighting Technicians

This is usually the most labor-intensive out of all departments because of the complicated setup and riggings. The lighting director, or L1, supervises the riggers while they assemble and mount the equipment. One of their main duties is to ensure that everything is installed safely and that there won't be any electrical hazards. The L1 also focuses the stage lights so that the audience can see all the action.

The lighting director is usually supported by a large crew during the setup and installation. But, they work alone once the main event starts.

The larger your event, the more complex your AV needs will be. The most important thing to look for when hiring a crew is their ability to deal with inevitable technical problems. It's crucial to get a team that can efficiently come up with audiovisual solutions in Houston TX.

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