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General Tractor Safety Instruction From Trusted Tractors Suppliers
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Harvesters and tractors are the key culprits that become the cause for accidents at the farm. Being inevitable components of agriculture, it is important to handle these machines carefully to avoid mis-happenings.

In this article, we are sharing a few general tractor safety instructions from reliable tractor suppliers.

Regular inspection

When the tractor is used regularly, then it can lead to damage in its parts. This can negatively impact its performance.  It is important to inspect all the parts of the tractor and replace them whenever needed.

It will help avoid operational failure, and ensure that it stays in the best operational state for a long time. The southern-global tractor is the trusted source for all kinds of tractor spare parts and accessories.

Below are some of the critical areas in the tractor that needs to be regularly inspected:

  • Engine
  • Transmission system
  • cylinders
  • crankshaft
  • valves
  • pistons
  • bearings
  • brakes
  • gears
  • calipers
  • rotors
  • drums
  • brake pads
  • brake lines
  • fuel system
  • gas tanks
  • Carburetor

The “Made-in-Japan” Kubota tractors were introduced to its market in 1960. Presently, Kubota provides an extensive selection of small to large-sized tractors to meet diverse applications easily, efficiently, and safely. There are several companies online that offer Kubota graveyard parts at a low price that helps farmers save a lot of money.

Check the protection mechanisms built into the tractor

Another important safety guideline is the proper inspection of the tractor to ensure that it has built-in safety mechanisms installed in it. Ensure that the tractor you are using has gone through specialized training to execute all common types of farm works efficiently.

The tractor should have appropriate guard roll-over protection structures and proper ventilation. It should also have a cabin to safeguard from rain, heat, dust, and other elements.

Operational safety guidelines

Here are some of the rules that you need to keep in mind when operating a tractor.

  • Placing all guards and sheets in the right place.
  • The lower speed at the time of using a loader.
  • Keep the machine in gear when moving downhill.
  • Always wear comfortable boots and clothes while operating the tractor.
  • Do not permit children to come near to tractors.
  • Always wear seat belts.
  • Be cautious at the time of stopping or starting a tractor.
  • Follow fuel storage and refuelling practices

Buy Tractor Spare Parts from Reliable Manufacturers

The type of tractor you buy also indicates its reliability and dependability at the time of the operation. Choose trusted tractor manufacturers to buy a heavy-duty tractor for the farm. Always look for quality and brand parts that match the brand, and model of your tractor.

The best quality authorized parts fit perfectly into the machine and improves the operational life of the machine. It also ensures high work productivity and efficiency at the agricultural firm. Using authorized parts also reduces the frequency of replacement of the spare parts. In this way, it ensures the longevity of the machine and saves money too.   


Machinery is one of the major reasons behind various injuries and deaths that happen every year on farms. By following all of these general safety rules, will help safe and efficient execution of agricultural activities.

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