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Five of the Best Personal Finance Blogs on the Web Today
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Does the state of your personal finances have you feeling a bit depressed? Are you looking for ways to improve your finances but aren’t sure where to start? Well here’s the thing, unless you have a background in finances, the topic tends to be rather intimidating and confusing for most. This is when it can be helpful to start following a personal finance blog. Blogs can be a wonderful source of information, tips, and advice that can help you to get your finances in tip top shape.

In order to give you that jumpstart, we’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of the top five personal finance blogs on the web today.


Frugalwoods is all about providing easy-to-follow advice that fits in with today's financial reality for families. And it's more than just the philosophy behind being frugal and managing your finances, it also features lifestyle themed posts that are light and fun to read.

Afford Anything

The title of this blog says it all – Afford Anything. The posts you will find here will take you through the various steps you can take in life that will help you to afford anything. The blog was created for those who don't want to be slaving away at the same job for 40+ years, want to learn how to take better control of their finances, and start working towards a better more enjoyable life.

Get Rich Slowly

If you're looking to secret to getting rich then you may find it on the Get Rich Slowly blog. This blog tackles all kinds of common financial issues people are facing today such as being deep in debt, wanting to enter the stock market but feeling scared, or wondering how you can save for your first home.

Money Saving Mom

Raising a family is very expensive nowadays, which is why the Money Saving Mom blog exists. This blog takes a look at how techniques such as menu-planning, couponing, smart grocery shopping, and more can help to save your family valuable cash.

Money Under 30

The Money Under 30 blog is meant for those just starting out who want to be sure they get a firm grasp on their finances right from the start. You'll find posts that discuss buying a car, your first home, how to invest, how to pay off debt, examining your credit, and much more.

Additional Money-Saving Tips

Besides following these blogs, you can also make use of some simple money-saving tips such as:

  • Make a monthly budget and track all your expenses throughout the month
  • Find ways to shop for items cheaper, such as using zoomthelist.com which connects you to the content on Craigslist and helps you find exactly what you want at a great price
  • Cut back on dining out and start eating at home instead
  • Use energy-saving tips around the house to cut back on your electricity usage

Become a Personal Financial Guru

Between these five blogs and the additional money-saving tips, you’ll soon be a personal financial guru yourself.

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