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Different Types of FRP Made Products for Enhancing the Safety
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There are different types of materials that factory owners use for building the platform system of their workshop. The traditional materials for building platform systems are wood, steel, and aluminum. But neither of this material offers a complete anti-slip surface. As a result, it increases the chances of accidents. However, with the advancement of technology, we have seen the rise of many new types of composite materials that offers plenty of constructional benefits over traditional materials. Fibre-reinforced plastic is one of them. Read here how different types of fibreglass handrail systems and grating products can enhance the safety measures of your workshop.

Grating Products:

Different types of grating products are used to build the platform systems in industrial plants. Due to the non-slip characteristic of FRP, this type of grating products offers a complete anti-slip surface for walking. Different types of FRP made grating products include:

  1. Moulded grating
  2. Pultruded grating
  3. Grating accessories
  4. Installation accessories and more

Handrail Systems:

Handrails are the accessories that you can install along with the grating systems in parallel. It enhances the safety of the walkways as your workers get a support for walking. Different types of handrail systems include:

  1. Adjustable handrail system
  2. Heavy duty handrail system
  3. Round tubular handrail system
  4. Square tubular handrail system
  5. Ergonomic handrail system and more

Each of the grating products offers an ultimate non-slip surface. In addition, there are plenty of other benefits also that fibreglass offer.  For example, FRP is known for longevity. As a result, products made of this material offer excellent durability. This type of products is also lightweight over the products that are made of traditional materials. So the installation process of these products not only easier but also timesaving.

Do not confuse their lightweight as their frailty. In fact, this is the main USP of fibreglass because they provide the same strength as traditional materials like steel or wood offer. These features make the material an economical solution. Once you have installed FRP made grating and handrails, you do not have to look after it for years. 

Bottom Line:

So these are the different types of FRP made products that you can use to enhance the safety measures of your workshop. One thing I can assure you for sure, the non slip grating product will reduce the chances of accidental falling totally. So this is all for today. Hope you have enjoyed reading the post.

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