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Combating Cannabis Clones Vs Seeds and why you should prefer the latter
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Among the principle processes that involve recreating a new plant from its mother, cloning is the most abundantly used. If a cut from the mother plant can successfully recreate another plant, it’s a successful clone. Mostly clones provide more strength to the plant and give better yield. Plants like cannabis grow on moderate to equatorial climate although the traits and forms may differ. The battle between growing cannabis clones vs seeds is thus inevitable and it lets user’s hunt for most obvious results.

While some are of the opinion that clones provide better quality, others term it as useless and working on improving its traits weakens its genes. Basically, naturally sprouting seed plants have more valor in them to provide authentic buds for smoking up. Clones however are nevertheless an improvement over the natural occurring varieties.

Arguments In Favor Of Seeds:

  • Its hassle free and guarantees produce even for inexperienced growers. If you cannot afford to collect seeds every time you roll, you may collect the same from seed banks. In this way you will have higher probability of purchasing what you wish for. Choosing your own seeds guarantees maximum chance of a successful sprouting.
  • You may choose to grow feminized seeds only and do not run the risk of identifying whether you are on the right track. Often randomly choosing seeds may let you choose male seeds which do not give buds. So in order to safeguard your money, in a battle of Cannabis Clones Vs Seeds, choose the latter, always.
  • It is always advisable to let the mother plant grow on its own and produce seeds which you use for replanting. Cloning may not be able to retain quality as it is because of tweaks and any unnatural traits get transferred to clones. Marijuana grows annually and therefore it can start growing from any time of the year.

Arguments In Favor Of Clones:

  • A marijuana plant grown from seeds may be difficult to manage in terms of the care it needs. Cloned plants however need lesser care and it is advisable for new growers to start their plantations with a clone.
  • If you are given the assurance that the mother plant is perfectly alright, so will be the clone. Normally clones are obtained from mature and healthy plants. So chances are high that the clone will be pure as well. You can even make good quality Cannabis smoothies with better quality yield.
  • Clones are obtained from mother plants which grow well and produce buds. So you will not fall under the confusion whether or not it will produce. The idea is to raise the plant irrespective of its origin to get good quality flowers and buds. Better the buds, better the high! Potentially, ‘guilt free’ clones can thus give good quality buds.

If confusion regarding the choice of plant type still prevails, consider growing both at the same time. It all depends on your purpose and the nature and quality of seeds and buds you want. Mostly, the battle of cannabis clones vs seeds end up in growers choosing the latter. All you need is good high; nothing else matters.

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