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Christmas gifts for the savvy project manager
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Christmas gifts for the savvy project manager 

When it comes to secret Santa in the office, things can go badly wrong especially if you are the person left buying the gift for your project manager – just what do you buy to impress the boss? Luckily there is a choice of presents both available on the high street and online that will suit a project manager with even the most “savoir-faire”.

Bluetooth Keyboard

These are a little pricey at around £50 but it depends on your office budget or it could make a great gift if your project manager is leaving at Christmas! A Bluetooth keyboard enables you to tap away whilst switching between devices so whether your boss needs to text someone on their phone, type up a word document on their laptop or use a project management app on their i pad – a Bluetooth keyboard will work seamlessly between all the different devices – this can be invaluable in project management training.

USB cup warmer

It may be a simple, low-cost gift but no-one who enjoys a hot cup of coffee will underestimate the importance of this handy and indispensable invention. Imagine your project manager taking an urgent call and watching their freshly made cup of coffee grow cold before their eyes – this will soon be a thing of the past, as will having to quickly drink a cup of coffee bought on the road lest it go cold over the next few miles of driving. The best thing is, is that this gadget does not take up a USB port but comes with a 4-port USB hub of its own so your project manager can carry on carrying on working or driving as long as they like whilst keeping their drink hot.

Smart phone projector

This is a fun but useful gift that enables your project manager to share material from their mobile phone onto the wall. This may include work information such as video clips, meeting agendas and training material for project management courses but they may even share a few selfies too!

Personalised gift

Nothing will make a project manager feel savvier than a gift that strokes their ego! How about a mug with the caption “keep calm and speak to the project manager”? Or “world’s greatest project manager”?! You could even get one that says “The A team” with all the members of the office on it although obviously this only works if you are part of a small team to fit you all on it!

Named Notebook

Technology is everywhere these days but sometimes you just can’t beat scribbling things down on paper and a notebook enables you to do just that. One with personalised text on the spine would certainly make a classy gift for the savvy project manager.

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