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Choosing The Best Gas Grill For Backyard Entertaining Needs
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Gas grills have improved with so many great features over the last few years. In fact, gas grills, because of their convenience and improved grilling capabilities have replaced charcoal grills in most backyards today.

We’ve found that the best gas grill doesn’t need to be the most expensive. If you know where to look even some of the lower priced models can be found with stainless parts, extra burners, utensil racks and more.


If you’re considering a new gas grill be sure to check out our buyer’s guide, gas grill reviews, and links to current discounts with free shipping. Our job is to provide you with honest reviews and straightforward buying advice to help you find the best gas grill at the best price. We also factored in shipping, available discounts and customer reviews for all the best selling brands that made our “recommended” list. Our unbiased gas grill reviews should help you select the best gas grill for your outdoor cooking needs.

You can expect to pay between $100 and $300 for a reliable but lower priced grill. While $300 to $500 will get you a higher end – larger capacity gas grill with more stainless steel and better features. We found that most grills in the under $500 range provided the same overall performance and quality as some models priced much higher.

Our gas grill reviews looked for performance, quality of materials and construction, added table and burner space, and (of course) excellent value. Whether you’re looking for portable gas grills or even natural gas grills, we’ve got you covered. To help you in your hunt for the perfect grill, be sure to check out our buyers guide below for more information on the various options available. Learn more and find the best gas grill for your next cook-out!

Features to Consider When Selecting a Gas Grill

BTU Rating
When you’re choosing a gas grill, more BTUs is not necessarily better. This really depends on how much you’re going to be cooking at any one time. If you tend to stick with burgers and hotdogs, you don’t need an incredible amount of heat. Remember also that higher BTU usage is equal to more fuel consumption. You’ll be refilling your propane or natural gas tank more often, especially if you’re firing all of the burners at the highest settings.

Number of Burners
Many models will let you choose how many burners you want. Typically, you’ll see 2 to 5 burners on a gas grill. The BTU rating will often be divided to give you a number per burner, e.g., “2 x 10,000 BTU burners.”

Side Burner
A side burner is usually placed on a table-like surface that extends from the side of the grill. The side burner is great for toasting buns at a lower heat than the surface of the main grill. It’s also useful for whipping up a batch of gravy in a small sauce pan. Most side burners have a fold-down lid, so when it’s not being used, the area is also good for temporary storage of tools or serving platters.

Secondary Cooking Space
The best gas grills provide secondary cooking space. This is usually in the form of a rack that hangs over the main grilling area, providing more square inches of grilling space. The heat is more indirect because the rack is farther from the main heat source. This makes it a great space for cooking vegetables, “baking” potatoes, toasting bread, roasting corn, etc.

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