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Top Ways You Can Wear Your Butterfly Necklace
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If you are a jewelry fan, you know better than anyone that the butterfly jewelry pieces have been around for the longest time. They have stood the test of time, and they seem not to go out of fashion.

One of the reasons why butterfly jewelry never goes out of trend could be because these pieces are so pretty or maybe because they symbolize progress and change. If I’m not wrong, if we go through your jewelry collection, the high chances are that we will find a butterfly necklace somewhere.

So how do you wear your enchanted butterfly necklace and ensure that you make a statement? Here are some of the ways you can style your butterfly necklace.

Butterfly Chokers

Chokers have become so common these days – they are the short necklaces that will normally sit above your collarbone and high on your neck. If you are looking for a simple yet sophisticated look, these are the type of chokers to go for.

Chokers will look more elegant when worn together clothes having a lower neckline or V-neck tops. If you want the choker to stand out, even more, you can pair it together with a long but simple necklace. If you want to get more interesting details about enchanted butterfly necklace, you may click the following web page.

Butterfly Collar Necklaces

These types of necklaces are longer as compared to chokers since they don’t typically sit on the neck. Instead, they will rest slightly above or on the collarbone. Usually, butterfly collar necklaces are dainty, and it would be best if you wore them on their own.

This butterfly jewelry can transform a simple outfit into a classy one in minutes. They look best when worn with off-shoulder tops and clothes having a lower neckline.

Butterfly Princess Necklaces

I know that you have already guessed that this type of necklace is longer compared to the collars. Hell yeah, you are right. The butterfly jewelry rest below the collarbone and again looks excellent with V-neck tops.

If you have a chunk piece, you can rock it solo. However, if it is much thinner, you can throw in a choker or a longer necklace. Always remember to pick pieces that will complement each other and not stand out on their own. This butterfly jewelry will work for almost any attire, including office wear.

Butterfly Matinee Necklaces

This type of necklace is also suitable when it comes to layering. Typically, the necklace will sit slightly above or at the chest. You can choose to pair this butterfly jewelry with a kind of a choker, especially if you are wearing a top that has a lower neckline. Make sure that you make it as simple as possible.

These are some of the ways you can wear enchanted butterfly necklaces. Next time you wearing some butterfly jewelry, become even more creative!

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