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Best Smart Home and Garden Devices in 2019
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Smart gardens and homes are slowly becoming famous in our world today. With the rate of pollution increasing each day, it is crucial that we do our part to conserve the environment. Home automation has become a necessity in modern times. Modern technologies have made gardening easier and hassle-free. Internet of Things has revolutionized gardens and homes. Technology is slowly changing how we garden, from cutting our lawn to notifying us when a certain crop is not performing well in the garden. It has also helped many people to develop a passion for gardening.

Smart home devices can help you control appliances or entertainment systems when you are not around thus reducing your monthly power bills. Once you have stocked your home with smart gadgets available, then you should try to use similar gadgets in your garden. The good thing is that smart technology can help you to have a great garden without putting much effort.

Smart Devices for your Home and Garden

Various smart devices can help you improve your gardening skill and enjoy better yields in your home garden. According to the recent statistics, gardening is worth $37 billion per anum in the US. The number of Americans who have invested in gardening continues to increase. But there are various smart garden devices that you can use to sharpen your skills and achieve better results. But for these digital devices to work perfectly, you need internet or wi-fi connection. Here’s is an example of smart devices you can use in your home or garden:

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Smart Sprinkler

While an automated mower can be used for fun, smart sprinklers can help you to save money and prevent wastage of water. Once installed, it can slash your outdoor water bill by almost 50%. It will also safeguard your yard from flooding. You only need to tell the system the kind of plants you are growing and the smart sprinkler will deliver the right amount of water required. This Wi-Fi controlled sprinkler will analyze plant types, weather forecasts, and soil.

Weather Station

Any keen gardener understands the importance of having a weather station in his yard. This is because weather plays a significant role in the growth of crops. You purchase a smart weather station online at a lower price. This weather station will help you track CO2 levels, temperature, noise pollution, and air pressure. The accurate results obtained from this station will help you know when to plant or mow the lawn.

Smart Home Camera

As a homeowner, you need to be concerned about your security and that of your property. You cannot afford to leave anything to chance. To keep your home a haven, make sure your install the latest digital surveillance cameras that will keep robbers scared breaking into your furniture or home. The good news is that you can access these cameras even when you are away using your Smartphone and you can see what's going on at your home and keep video records. There are various smart home surveillance cameras that you can choose to safeguard your home.

Wi-Fi Thermostats

If you want to keep your home comfortable while reducing your power bills, then you need to try this thermostat out. Wi-Fi thermostats will help to reduce the cost of power in your home than the conventional thermostats. They use the concept of the Internet of Things to set, schedule and control heating/cooling equipment within your home. It keeps you update about the heating/ cooling requirements of your home using the phone.

Smart Home Speaker

Amazon echo two has been voted as the best smart speaker that most homeowners want to buy. The good thing is that you can turn it on or off remotely using your Smartphone anywhere anytime.

Final Thoughts

Smart garden or home devices allow you to do things like switching on or off your lights via the phone, locking doors remotely, cleaning your home using an automatic vacuum cleaner and many more. These devices offer numerous advantages other than convenience. They help you to save on your heating bills, allow you to know when an intruder is entering your home or when there is an emergency.

When planning for your home automation, selecting the right device goes a long way saving energy and money. If you want to minimize carbon dioxide emissions from your home, wifi thermostats will do a great job.

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  .   lauren
I have a smart home hub that connects to multiple of the devices you mentioned. And I can control all aspects of the home from my smartphone. Pretty neat!
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