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Benefits of Scholarship updates
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Fissionclassifieds offers a large number of scholarships each year to recognize academic excellence, help overcome financial hardship and educational disadvantage, recognize cultural and sporting excellence, support Indigenous students and more.

Scholarships in Canada vary, however the average annual amount is around $5000. This will be paid to your nominated bank account (although some fee waiver scholarships are paid directly toward your tuition). Scholarship funds are intended to help with costs related directly to study, such as textbooks,placement costs and equipment. Scholarships can also help by allowing you to reduce work shifts to free up more study time and to assist with costs of living including accommodation, relocation, childcare, and transport to and from university. You can use your scholarship money to make a lump sum payment toward your tuition fees if you wish.

Along with the financial benefits scholarships in UK recipients receive, there is the recognition and prestige associated with being awarded a scholarship. Your scholarship will be recorded on your academic transcript. You can also add your scholarship award to your resume. Some scholarships offer opportunities to undertake paid work experience with your scholarship donor or sponsor, play sport, travel overseas or perform. 

The full list of scholarships in United States can be found on the Scholarships page. You can use the filters on the left side of the list of scholarships to narrow your search in relation to study level, scholarship type, College, or campus location. The scholarship application itself will also assist you in finding scholarships you are eligible for and you can submit multiple applications at a time.


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