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A Quick Guide to Potential Cost Of Piano Delivery
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The piano is a valuable and significant investments which deserves the best when it is being moved. Everyone seems to agree that getting expert to move the piano is the best way to go when you want to move this bulky, valuable and priced at home. One question that you will have in mind is how much the piano delivery will cost. The following is a brief guide as to how much it will cost you to move the piano –


Piano moving companies charge customers based on the following factors –

1. Per hour:

This means, the more hours they spend in moving, the more it will cost. Movers will apply this mode of charging when moving the piano short distance, such as when moving from one building to the other.

2. By set rate which is based on the following factors-

Type of piano: what is the type of piano that you want to move? Generally, the very large grand or upright pianos cost more to move. The baby pianos and other smaller types or models of pianos will cost lesser to move.

Distance to be moved: this is obvious. The longer the distance the piano will be moved, the more it will cost to move it. Some movers will charge per mile but different charges may apply for interstate or international moving.

Unusual difficulty in moving: if the piano has to be moved through thin staircases or narrow pathways, slippery floor, or any other place that represents unusual moving difficulty, then it may cost more to move it.

Staff engaged in the moving: How many movers are needed to move the piano? The small pianos can be handled by one mover but the large and bulky pianos may have to be handled by three or more movers.

Special equipment needed for the moving: the large pianos need specialized piano moving equipment. If you want to move the grand piano or the upright piano or the very old and large model pianos, then the movers will have to use piano dollies, skid boards, blankets, piano moving straps and other equipment to lift the piano and move it. This will mean higher cost of moving.

Time restrictions: do you want the piano moved very fast? Then you will have to pay more for the service as the moving company will have to dedicate its staff, time and equipment to specifically handle that job.

The waiting time: the longer you keep the movers waiting, the more it will cost to move. Ensure you prepare well in advance, so the movers take the shortest time to move the piano when they get at your home.

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