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A Few Pros of Motorbikes
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Most people often wonder why one would pick a motorbike over a car. After all, would it not be a better idea to save up more and then use that to buy a car straight up? Well, as it turns out, cars are not a suitable option for everyone. In fact, motorbikes have quite a few advantages over cars, which make quite a lucrative mode of transportation. So if you have been debating between the two and are also worried about your affordability with regards to a car, perhaps this list will lean you more towards a motorbike. As long as you are responsible, motorbikes truly are a fantastic choice. And if you go for a luxury option, all the better!


Think about all those times you have been stuck in traffic and think about what a nightmare it is in a car. Now think about it on a motorbike. You can actually speed through the lanes with ease since bikes do not really need much space. Same for when you are on the move. Instead of being restricted by a bulk of metal, you can sail past without much of a problem. Just remember not to speed over the limit and to always stop at pedestrian crossings.

Image Source: Pexels


Motorbikes definitely save money when compared to cars. Of course the cost of a Harley-Davidson xg750 street rod is a different story seeing as how it is a luxury motorbike and a beast at that, but a regular street bike is actually quite affordable. Plus they are also easy to maintain, which again means significant savings for you. Not only that, even when it comes to things like insurance, it still works out to be cheaper for you. All-round, if you are looking for a cost-effective option for a vehicle, motorbikes certainly take the cake.


Fuel Efficient

Again something that saves you money; motorbikes are quite fuel efficient so you need not spring exorbitant amounts on the vehicle. If you have to travel long distances (which, by the way is completely doable on a bike), this is especially beneficial as it means you can get by on much less than a car for sure. Luxury motorbikes are on a league of their own, but even then, are still much more convenient than cars. Seeing as how fuel is becoming almost a kryptonite like resource, this is something that comes in handy.

Tons of Fun

Last but not least, motorbikes are a ton of fun. Just remember to be safe. Use all the gear you are meant to, at least a helmet. There is something quite unique and thrilling about soaring through the streets with nothing but the wind in your hair. They are exceptionally exciting when heading out on off-road trails or adventure biking. However, responsibility is paramount and its importance cannot be stressed. Most people who ride motorbikes tend to stick with them for most of their life because they truly do love it. If you are able to and proficient, go for it! 

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