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7 Best Office Interior Ideas For Better Productivity
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When you count in the after-work nap, the commute and the occasional walk, it becomes more than clear that an average person spends more time in their workplace than in their own home. That being said, it is no surprise to learn that everything about that office affects their mood, ability to focus and even their productivity. To you as an aspiring entrepreneur, this is an information of vital significance, seeing as how it’s quite easy to turn this knowledge to your own benefit. With this in mind, here are seven best office interior ideas for better productivity.

  1. Set the proper temperature

Before we even start discussing colors and accessories that boost productivity, we need to take a look at a greater picture and briefly reflect the two main factors for in-office productivity: the temperature and the light. When it comes to the temperature, a lot of people argue that this is something quite subjective since their personal preferences may greatly differ. If you are to find a middle ground, you need to go somewhere between 70 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit (between 21 and 25 Celsius). According to numerous surveys, this is the optimal temperature for both focus and productivity, for most people.

  1. Tend to the lights

The next thing you need to address is the issue of lights in the office. First of all, natural light is paramount for visibility, productivity, and morale. Nonetheless, this is mostly something you need to think of when choosing an office space to lease. Next, you need to find the light artificial illumination solution. For desks, you need at least 50 lumens per square foot, which is much different from standard illumination, seeing as how for, let’s say, living room, you only need about 20 lumens per square foot. This means that downlights and chandeliers probably won’t cut it and that you will also have to rely on task lighting.

As for the source of power, this is also something worth considering. You see, for an office, just the issue of adequate illumination can significantly contribute to your utility bill. Therefore, you might want to consider switching to LED instead. An LED bulb spends one-quarter of power to produce the same amount of light as an incandescent one, therefore, it is an obvious choice. Still, seeing as how you’ll need a plethora of different fixtures, it might be safer to look for lighting company specialized in LED solutions to make this transition as efficient.

office desks

  1. Placing the desk of the executive

Every business needs a business plan, still, while this plan specifies the role of lower and middle management in your company, it doesn’t go to length to actually define their physical position in the office. According to the office Feng Shui, the position of the executive’s desk should be in the command position, which is located diagonally across from the entry to the room. First of all, this places their back to a solid wall, which gives one a sense of authority and self-confidence. Second, it gives them a clear view of the entire room, without seeming too authoritarian or even interfering. Overall, this is definitely the best location for the desk of a manager, although it is not the only viable option.

  1. Adequate seating and desk sizes

The next issue you need to worry about is the overall health of your employees, which is greatly determined by the quality of the seating and the height of their desk. The first issue impacts their posture, which might cause some back pain. Needless to say, this directly impacts their ability to focus or even think properly, which, in turn, diminishes one’s productivity. As for the height of the desk, it directly impacts the angle at which your eyes fall on the screen, which could lead to some long-term problems with your vision. In either way, these two furnishing issues are nothing to be frowned upon.

  1. Company culture

Every company has its core values that are essential in both attracting new clients and retaining employees. Nevertheless, a lot of this comes down to big-words that are barely noticeable in an actual functioning of your business. In order to avoid this particular problem, you might want to take a different stance towards your company culture and even start enforcing it within your own office. By improving visibility, defining boundaries and branding your space, you can evoke a strong sense of belonging by everyone in the office and, in this way, boost their morale by quite a bit.

  1. Great breakroom

A lot of people tend to avoid breaks when faced with imminent deadlines, yet, this is probably the worst thing they could do in these circumstances. Everyone needs a break, a chance to recharge their batteries and regain their focus. Because of this, you need to create a breakroom that is as inviting and efficient as possible. First of all, it needs to be as far from the work area as possible, so that it doesn’t disturb those who are still working. Second, it needs to focus more on socializing than entertainment. This mostly means inserting devices and items that encourage team activity like a ping-pong table or table soccer.

  1. Bring in some life

Finally, you might want to do a bit of redecoration and enhance your workspace with some houseplants. In fact, according to one survey, houseplants make workers about 40 percent more productive. Seeing as how this was a conclusion made in a series of 90 different experiments, the results are quite conclusive. Aside from this, they also improve the overall health in the office since an average houseplant is capable of removing up to 87 percent of toxins from the air, in as little as 24 hours.

In conclusion

At the end of the day, in order to boost the productivity of your employees you need to A) help them focus, B) boost their morale and C) watch out for their health. By enforcing these 7 above-listed rules inside of your office, you will manage to achieve just that with little to no effort.

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