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6 Workbag Essentials a Career Women Can’t Do Without
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The workbag of a career woman must be full of essentials, but realistically there’s no limitation on what can be found within. If used efficiently a workbag can be a perfect assistant rather than just a fashion statement. A leather laptop bag looks classy to carry your laptop in style but for it to be called a perfect workbag it must have room for these 6 essentials you must have always. Infact, having these 6 essentials in your workbag also makes it perfect for business travel.


Never miss out on a good thought. A great idea comes to our mind in a flash & goes away without leaving a reminder. So, always carry around your notepad/tablet to write down notes during meetings, note creative ideas while traveling on a bus, or just draw when the metro is halted between stations.


Business Card:

Possibilities of networking are almost everywhere, and you never know when an opportunity may arise unexpectedly. Having a business card in your workbag means you’re always ready to connect and build up your professional relationships at any given opportunity.

Mini Emergency Kit:

A mini emergency kit really comes handy when it comes to things you did not realize you required but suddenly do: deodorant, hairspray, lipstick, breath spray and nail polish remover among others. It is like the cabinet in your bathroom but all concealed inside a fashionable pouch.

Portable chargers:

Time is money and this is why we all want to stay connected all the time. A career woman should always have a tablet or smartphone ready in her workbag, so she can attend important calls and send emails anywhere, anytime. However, these gadgets won’t do her any good if they are charged out when you need them the most. And when she is hailing a cab or taking her kids to the park, the possibilities of there being a wall outlet is very slim. That is why every career woman should have a portable charger inside her workbag.


A cool pair of flats:

A career woman has absolutely no time for blisters. But she is not altogether keen to give up her high heels. So, what’s the solution? She should have a cool pair of flats inside her workbag to change in between business meetings or when she feels uncomfortable. Even studies show that 1 in 3 women carry a cool pair of flats in their handbags.

An Umbrella:

To be honest, no one can predict the weather hundred percent! There may be no possibility of rain but still it would not be shocking to see a downpour. The wet look is certainly not the one you want specially when entering into your office. Being a career woman, it is necessary for you to be ready for all weather conditions & have an umbrella inside your workbag. Don’t allow the rain to spoil your professional look.

interiormain copy

At Madame Mattey, we believe in creating a unique handbag style for career driven women along with great functionality. Our beautiful ladies Leather Laptop Bag for Macbook Pro 13 are finely crafted in Italy with high quality leathers and hardware. Our laptop bags are classy, super organized and easy to carry on shoulder having minimalist logo, perfect for professional use. A smart career women will definitely like our exclusive collection of leather laptop bags for women.  Pick your perfect workbag now!

For more details, stay social with us on: Facebook , Instagram & Twitter

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