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5 Reasons Shredding Is A Great Business Idea
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Going paperless is something that most businesses are aiming for.  Paper usage is bad for the environment, and paper takes up a ton of space in offices. As a business, you pay a lot of money for each square footage you use, why would you want to use it up on paper storage?


There are many solutions to this problem, including going paperless eventually. In the meantime though, shredding can be a fantastic part of paper management. Anything that you can’t shred you can keep in business self storage near you. Keeping confidential items you legally have to keep in cheap self storage ensures it is secure and protected until it can be shredded.

In the meantime, why not shred paperwork you do not need to store? Here are 5 reasons shredding is a great business idea:


Reducing The Risk Of Data Theft

Printed documents that contain sensitive information can be harvested and retrieved from many methods of disposal you might think are suitable. When you shred confidential and sensitive documents you protect that data and ensure it cannot be retrieved. Even better, using a professional service means the paperwork will be shredded in a way that it cannot be pieced together at all.



To avoid your company being fined a lot of money for not being compliant with the Data Protection Act, you have to dispose of documents in a way that is compliant. Shredding can form part of your legal compliance, especially if you use a company that provides certification of destruction.


Protection Sensitive Brand Information

When thieves take brand information, they are able to destroy a company very easily. Online security is a huge part of protecting your brand against these kinds of attacks, but what about physical paper containing information? Shredding helps protect your brand against sensitive company information being stolen.


Environmental Efforts

There is a lot of new legislation urging companies to do better environmentally. Many businesses also want to show they are doing their bit to help fight climate change and pollution. Shredding is a great way to recycle your paper, boosting your companies eco-credentials.


Boosting Space In Your Office

An effective shredding process means paperwork isn’t clogging up your office. Instead it is securely destroyed, freeing up space in the office to grow your ideas and income.


If you do have paperwork you do not need, consider working with a professional shredding company to get your paperwork securely destroyed, complete with certification. If you have paperwork you have to keep, consider utilising cheap self storage to keep paperwork until it can be destroyed. Both services enable your office to be more spacious, and free of filing cabinets and paper storage that uses up expensive office space.






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