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4x4 grow tent: what is it?
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So when starting the cultivation the first step will be to plant the seeds in a jiffy. Once germinated and grown (when it is a seedling) we transplant it to the definitive 18L pot of special capacity for auto plants being higher than wide. This detail, the shape of the pot is important to take into account. The automatic marijuana plant can grow more or less as it is grown. Automatic cannabis plants have limited growth due to several factors, the most important being the autoflowering gene that makes them bloom when they have reached maturity as a vegetable. Get the 4x4 grow tent as it is the best!

This gene but is activated by factors that will make it appear more or less quickly in the 4x4 grow tent. The most important factor to take into account is undoubtedly the amount of substrate used for growing the cars and how it is arranged for the plants. In this case, it should be noted and noted that the root of the automatic plant when it detects the top of the pot or soil the plant will start to bloom. The longer it takes the root of the plant to reach the end of the pot, the greater the final size of the plant and the greater production we will obtain.

Start of growing period of growth in the 4x4 grow tent:

At the beginning of the crop, the commented seeds of the Kannabia bank were germinated; Micromachine and Speedy transplanted from the beginning to their final 18L pot. These pots as we have explained above are deeper than wide so they will be ideal for growing automatic plants. These plants were planted with a quality soil which contains enough fertilizers to make a growth almost without a contribution of liquid fertilizers. The period of growth of these plants will be very limited from no more than 2 to 3-4 weeks counting with the " stretch " (growth of the plants once they have started to bloom), we can say but that this growth can vary a lot depending on the care that the plants receive.

Irrigation was generally carried out with the same amount of s / n during a large part of the growth, this fact has a positive effect on the root growth of the plants, which leads to a better growth of the aerial part of the car plants. In the first week of life of the plants, they have been acquiring a good size. After a week the colonization of the roots to the pot is more accentuated and the plant can eat more food than in the beginning so that we can first increase the amount of s / n contributed by passing 330 ml every two days at 500ml keeping the composition of this nutrient solution intact. Ths 4x4 grow tent  works wonders.

The growth is regular every day we observe how a few centimeters accompany the plants in their vegetative expansion causing the plants to become larger, stronger and more robust. After these two weeks in which we have been controlling the irrigations, for a greater root expansion, we see that this control has really emerged, obtaining plants with a compact and stylized growth, being well prepared to enter the flowering period with an ideal vegetable skeleton for a good production of buds.

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