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10 Warning Signs Of Your Plumbing System That Indicates To Call A Plumber Immediately
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Plumbing system is one of the most delicate and essential parts of your home. Some studies suggest that people in Canada use an average of 300 litres of water per day. A better and proper working of the plumbing system is as important as water. Generally, plumbing is mostly left unattended until a severe damage arises. A minor leakage can lead to serious outcomes at a later stage.

Is DIY fixing a good idea?

There are few minor faucets leak and clogs which you can easily reach out to repair with some readily available hand tools in your home. While your DIY can save a little, a small mistake can result in severe damage and can incur huge repairing bills.

A leaking pipe can waste litres of water and bring a huge water bill. A bursting of pipe line will interrupt the entire water flow within your home. This may further increase repairing and replacement bills.

You must be careful to wisely select between a DIY and a skilled plumbing New Westminster. It is better to hire a skilled and reliable plumber like New West Plumbing. They have an experience of 15 years in providing residential and commercial plumbing, drainage and heating services in New Westminster, British Columbia and also in Canada. With a team of licensed and insured professionals, they also provide insured jobs to protect your assets from any damage.

When you must call a plumber?

Here are few potential piping problems that require a call for plumbing services:

1. Rattling sound from pipe

When you open or close a valve, the pipe makes a rattling sound. It is called a water hammer and is caused due to the blockage of vent inside the pipe. This blocked vent creates vacuum and can reverse the direction of water to cause backflow into your home. These rattling noises indicate that you need a plumber right now.

2. Installing new appliances

While renovating your kitchen and bathroom, you must involve a plumber to avoid any misconnection or damage in your pipeline. A plumber is needed during the installation of new sinks, faucets, toilet systems and water heater.

3. Low water pressure

Clogs and leakages in your water pipeline can slow down the flow and pressure of water coming out of the valve. This can be due to dust and gunk developed in the faucets. Clean the faucet to restore the normal water pressure. If not, you need a skilled plumber as there may be severe water leakage and cracks in the pipeline.

4. Foul smell and discoloration of water

When you notice foul smells and discoloration of water, call a plumber to investigate the problem. A sewage leakage in your water system can contaminate the water coming inside your home. This can lead to serious environmental and health issues.

5. Visible moulds

Some walls can have visible moulds due to water seepage from leaking and broken pipelines. If left unattended for a long time, it can cause major accidents and damages to your walls. A professional plumber may help you out of such situations.

6. Slow drainage system

Your daily activities like cleaning utensils, bathing or washing can cause drainage blockage. These activities facilitate solid food particles, dirt, dust, long hairs and soap scum to enter into the pipeline system which creates blockage. Before such blockage causes water back flows and damage to your valuable households, you must call a local plumber to fix drainage clogging.

7. Continuous leakage and water dripping sound

A minor leakage in faucets, sink pipes, shower head and toilet bowl can indicate potential cracks in your piping system. Before it's too late and there is major damage, employ a reliable and experienced plumber to repair your leaking pipelines. This minor leakage can lead to huge water bills.

8. Sudden rise in monthly water bills

A hidden water leakage and broken water pipe can cause unexpected empty water tanks. You may also find a sudden rise in the monthly water bill. So, a better idea is to call a plumber expert for your plumbing solutions.

9. Non-stop water running in pipe system

When you hear a sound of water flowing in the pipe, while the valves are closed tightly, there may be inner fault in the pipeline and drainage system. This requires a plumber to fix the problem.

10. Sharp clanking sound

When your pipes are exposed to severe cold, the water inside them freezes and the pipe may crack. Whenever you hear a clunking sound while water flows inside the pipe, you must call a plumber.

Your plumbing system will surely give you signs saying that it is time to get the water lines checked by a professional plumber. Learn to understand such signs and keep the plumbing lines healthy for longer years. 

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