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Some of the Important Ways to Motivate Your Employees
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Below are some of the important ways to motivate your employees:

Work Timings: Work timings of all members in a company must be as uniform as possible. In the initial days of the company, we may be very flexible. So, we may have allowed different people to come and go at different timings. However, as the company grows, this flexibility results into a very confusing time schedules of various members in a team. E.g. in a workplace where the regular time is from 9 am to 6 pm, some person is "allowed" to come at 10 or 11 and sit late. Such type of discrepancies must be avoided as far as possible.

Keep the timings uniform for everybody and insist that people come on time. In factory setup, if there are work shifts, the timings are automatically uniform for all workers and their supervisors. The similar uniformity must be established for the office staff also. If different people come and go at different times, a lot of communication and coordination issues arise. This can only be avoided by uniform timings. For the staff members to come on time, it is necessary that the boss himself comes on or before that time.

Otherwise, he can never establish punctuality and discipline in the team. In companies where the physical presence of the employee is not very important, flexi-time or "work from home" may be allowed. But, such facilities require high levels of systems and processes which ensure proper tracking of work. So, this is possible within a matured setup where the employees are given clear targets and deadlines to complete some work and don't need physical supervision or monitoring. There are some guidelines regarding maximum working hours and timings in labor and employment related laws. They also impose some restrictions on timings for women and physically challenged workers. We must study the rules applicable to us and abide by them.

Employee Welfare Facilities: Every company provides some or other facilities to its employees. Some common facilities provided by the companies to their employees are tea-coffee, snacks, subsidized meals, mobile phone expenses, transportation, canteen, medical aid, medi-claim (health insurance), insurance etc. The purpose of the facilities must be to provide pleasant and convenient work environment to the employees, to motivate the employees, to save their time, to let them focus on work rather than worrying about other things, to encourage social interaction of employees within the company.

Salary disbursement: Disburse salary on a fixed date, as per the convenience of the company. Fixing a salary date is very important. We must ensure that we are not delaying the salary payment, unless there is an impossible situation which prevents us doing so. Take the interest of the employees in mind when deciding this date. If the date of salary is fixed, the employees can plan their payments. This is really helpful to them, as they can make commitments with surety. On its part, the company also can plan its own cash flow based on this fixed date. Once decided, stick to this date as far as possible and ensure that the salary is given by this date. Make exceptions only if it is impossible to manage the scheduled date.

If the salary payment is delayed beyond the regular date, we must inform the employees in advance. Remember, delaying the salary payment does not save any significant money for the company, but it creates a very unreliable image of the company in addition to causing inconvenience to the employees. Also, being able to disburse salary on a specific date demands proper coordination and cooperation between various departments like HR, Accounts and Admin etc.

It also instills a culture of discipline among the teams responsible for salary calculation and payment. Give a note clarifying the salary calculation and deductions (if any) along with the salary to enable the employee to understand how his salary figure is arrived. If there is any loan given to the employee, organize the agreed deduction of repayment installment from the salary after getting the confirmation from the employee. Ensure proper updating of the balance loan receivable from the employees. Many companies have a practice of allowing a payment of advance against salary after 15-20 days of the month. Such an advance must always be less than the salary earned by the person till that day and such an advance must be adjusted against the salary payment of the same month. Proper vouchers and records of such advance payments must be prepared and maintained.

Nowadays, banks offer special salary accounts to employees of a company, which do not require maintenance of any minimum balance. The company can directly deposit money to such salary accounts. This is a very efficient alternative of salary disbursement. In this case also, the company must keep the salary date same every month.

Learn more about how to motivate your employees only at the LSBF, one of the best B-schools in London, offering various business and finance related programs.

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