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How To Make A Permanent Magnet Strong Again
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If Neodymium magnets are known today as ‘Super Magnets’ it’s because of the strongest magnetic field that stays for longer periods of time. For instance, a pair of strong neodymium magnets is ideal for aquarium cleaning products as one piece can slide the other up and down all the way through the aquarium wall.


Over the time, permanent magnets turn weak, and the magnetic force is no longer sufficient. Leading permanent magnet suppliers excel in delivering best quality permanent neodymium magnets which can be utilized in applications that highly demand magnetism.

However, some tricks can bring back the lost strength of permanent magnets if these aren’t entirely demagnetized.


A weak permanent magnet can be kept behind a powerful magnet. The strong magnetic field of the powerful magnet helps the weak magnet’s electrons to re-align. As a result, the magnetic field gets stronger again. The pair can also be kept in the refrigerator as the cold temperature will keep the aligned electrons in place firmly.


Magnetic power can also be gained again by striking the weak magnet on the powerful one in a continuous manner. After a few attempts, the magnetic field will star to get stronger.

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