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5 Top Apartment Housewarming Gifts
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When someone you know moves house for any reason, it’s the sign of a new beginning. It doesn’t matter whether they left the family home, decided to get an apartment with friends, or bought their first property. Any occasion is suitable for thoughtful housewarming gifts to welcome them into their new abode.

However, housewarming gifts are not just something you give to a person you know. They are an ice breaker and a generous gesture from one stranger to another. If you notice a moving truck pulling into your neighborhood, it can inspire you to think of the perfect housewarming gift for the individual or family moving in.

If a situation has arisen that calls for housewarming gifts, then read on. Here are five fabulous items that are bound to put a smile on the face of the recipient.

1. Living Plants

One of the best gifts you can offer someone you know, or a new addition to your neighborhood, is a living plant. Nothing signifies a fresh start with more authenticity than a new plant that’s going to thrive and grow in a fresh setting. However, some plants are more suitable than others.

Everyone knows the symbolism behind extending an olive branch, so start your new neighborly relation on the right foot with an olive tree. Olive trees are an exceptionally versatile living plant.

The recipient can keep it in a pot inside or outside their home, or they can think a little outside the square. Olive trees make lovely ornamental trees, but they are also suitable for shade, or for harvesting olives to make oil. The sky’s the limit for how much use the new owner can get out of such a gift.

Other excellent options include bay trees, an easy-care topiary that adds flavor to food, or even a Kaffir lime tree. If you buy from reputable suppliers, you also get the pleasure of receiving such a gift in a beautifully presented box.

2. Baked Goods

If you consider yourself to be a reasonably talented home baker, then get yourself into the kitchen to bake up a storm. Don’t turn up empty-handed when you can visit with tins full of delicious baked goods. Preparing baked goods as housewarming gifts can even ignite your internal fires for filling your household’s cupboards at the same time.

What you are also sure to appreciate about baking is how affordable it can be. Given the cheap cost of flour, you’ll be able to create cakes, cupcakes, and slices without digging too deeply into your pockets. The newest additions to your neighborhood are bound to be thrilled.

3. Garden Ornament

If you don’t know who your new neighborhood additions are, or your friend has moved somewhere with a lovely garden, then there’s no better housewarming gift than an ornament for the garden. There are many different options in this area to suit.

You can go down the classic route with garden gnomes, or even look at ‘welcome’ doormats, bird feeders, and hanging planters. Wrap it up, add a ribbon, and it’s a thoughtful and inspiring housewarming gift that you’ll be tempted to keep for yourself!  

4. An Invitation

If you weren’t expecting new additions to your neighborhood so soon, or you haven’t had time to shoot to the store, then the best you can do at a moment’s notice is extend an invitation. Why not set up a neighborhood barbeque and invite everyone along? Set up a time and date and let them know it’s an opportunity for them to meet their new neighbors, have delicious food, and enjoy casual banter. The next step is to organize it all and make it happen.

5. Gift Hampers

If someone you know and love has moved house, or you’re keen on making a decent first impression, then you can’t go wrong with gift hampers as housewarming gifts. When moving day arrives for anyone, it’s quite stressful. There’s a lot to organize, so much to unpack, and the last thing you feel like doing at the end of the day is trying to find all your pots and pans to cook.

Therefore, you will be the star of the show when you turn up with gift hampers laden with delicious snacks and pick-me-up goodies that will fill the pit of hunger. Cookies, chocolate, snack bars, and bottles of soda won’t go astray, and they also won’t cost a lot of money either.


Housewarming gifts can be the symbolism for something exceptional yet to happen. It could spell the start of a new friendship, the beginning of new happiness for a friend who’s moved houses, or independence for someone who made a move from renting to owning. Because it’s such a momentous occasion, you need to choose housewarming gifts to represent that. Plants, baked goods, garden ornaments, a warm neighborhood invitation, and gift hampers can all tick that box.


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