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FIVE must-visit places to wallow-in the adventurous Halloween trips with friends and family
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Halloween time a time when the candy-wrappers low over the sidewalks of the street, kids dressing like ghosts concealed and shrouded pretending to be dead. A time when kids go door to door asking for candies and celebrating this festival with full zeal.   

Halloween is also the time when families and friends come together to spend some quality time celebrating, dancing and an environment filled with tittle-tattles during this time. However, there are some others who are in full swing deciding some thrilling places to explore during the Halloween time with their friends and family. The first thing while planning for such jauntings, people first try to either rent-out or check the condition of their owned caravans or mobile homes.   

Before planning for such a blissful and joyous trip, the first thing every Irish people should consider is that they have a well-maintained caravan or mobile home which is capable to cover those journies. The foremost thing while checking on the condition of a caravan or mobile home is checking on the current status of caravan insurance or mobile insurance.  

Insurance of caravan is one of the vitally important documents every Irish should own before taking their caravan on the roads of Ireland. Also, mobile home insurance is equally important to secure the vehicle and the contents in it from uninvited thefts and unpredicted climatic changes. Therefore, Caravan Insurance Ireland and mobile insurance Ireland are a very important aspect to check before decking-up for a Halloween trip with friends and family.   

Now, coming on the options one can consider to wallow-in the adventurous Halloween trips with friends and family. Here are the FIVE top-rated places one can plan for their next joyous trip : 

Devilishly Disney 

Halloween is a big thing for Disney, therefore for those stagging and spooktacular Disney characters dressed in different Halloween themed costumes is a treat for kids and adults. Visitors here have a plethora of things to explore like Mickey’s not-so-scary Halloween party. Also, relish the combo meals package along with some delicious candies for kids during this time.   

Have Fun in the Sun

Taking a ride to the Canary Islands and finding good two-star hotels or motels and enjoy the sunny views during the Halloween time. Also, enjoy the evening fetes and some great Halloween themed parties to keep the families and friends enthralled with festivity zeal.   

Haunted Ballgally Castle Hotel

Ballagally castle hotel situated in County Antrim is one of the most famous haunted places in Ireland. So, for all those have a thing for paranormal and spooky places, can plan a trip around this place. It is assumed the hotel is haunted by Isabella Shaw who at night wanders in some corridors of the hotel in a silk dress knocking on the guest’s doors. So, if one has many guts one can take some rooms to stay in this hotel. 

Virginia Pumpkin Festival 

During Halloween, the Virginia Pumpkin Festival is one of the most talk-of-the-town festivals in Ireland. This a weekend-long festival giving a different experience to the families and friends who are looking for a thrilling small trip during Halloween time. It is a fun-filled event with an amusing firework display and interesting pumpkin carving competition being the most mesmerizing feature during this festival. 

Night Tours of Wicklow’s Historic Gaol

The night tours to Wicklow’s historic gaol is an adult-only place. It is an atmospheric jail museum experience giving the visitors an enthralling opportunity to explore and experience the lives of Irish prisoners during 18 century in these prisons. Throughout the Goal’s much-talked-about history, there were some spine-chilling tortures, starvation, and deaths to those Irish prisons. The night tours are not for weak hearted people, as it is assumed the area is spooked with haunted souls of some Irish prisoners making it one of the most haunted places in Ireland.

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