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Why Social Blogging?
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Who wants to go through the constant struggle of creating and maintaining their own blog site when they can easily create blog posts in virtually no time on an established Social Blog?

There are several reasons why you want to do Social Blogging...

1. No need to setup a blog site

You may simply choose a topic and start blogging. Social Blogs usually offer a myriad of topics for you to choose from.

Better yet, your second blog post can be of a completely different topic. This flexibility doesn't exist in your own personal blog where you will be forced to constrain to a single topic.

2. You want more Audience

Once you create your blog post in a Social Blog, you will be automatically connected to other bloggers interested in that topic. This triggers conversation among the like-minded bloggers.

Conversely, with your own blog site, you need to be constantly pestering your family and friends to be the audience for your blog site.

3. You have an inspiring personal story to tell

You have achieved heights in your life and you want to inspire others with your story. Start blogging in a Social Blog and spread your passion.

You can learn from others experiences as well.

4. You want to express your viewpoints to the world

Create a post in a Social Blogging site and broadcast your viewpoints. Entire world is the audience in a Social Blog.

5. You don't want to reveal your real identity

Posting as yourself gives you immense satisfaction, but if you feel like, you have the option not to reveal your identity in a Social Blog.

Better yet, you can start blogging as anonymous user and reveal your identity whenever you feel comfortable. It's a Social Blog. Nothing personal about it!

Social Blogging is catching heat these days. Create your first post at Heatbud and experience Social Blogging yourself!


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