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Top 1o Tips to Follow Before Submit Guest Post
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Blogging is nothing but a website or weblog that maintain ongoing topical information. It is a useful tool to be an expert on your interested area as well as share your own intellectual. But you won’t be recognized by many unless you express yourself to a wide range of audiences. How do you express yourself in front of a huge number of online audiences? Well, guest blogging is the way to go ahead! Exhibit your writing skills in a unique way and impress as many readers as possible to emerge as a recognized writer.

Now-a- days, many authors are getting into guest blogging, but keep in mind to be successful, need to share useful information, which is to be read by thousands of readers is not that easy.
However, this post that I have shared with you could help you get published.

1. Be Expertise:

Obviously, everyone has expertise in some specific domain and should have at least one. Analyze your expertise and choose the field in which you are the most knowledgeable. And your content could easily attract the numerous audiences.

2. Analyze your area of interest

It is something that most guest authors neglect to consider! Clearly everybody has the interest in particular areas. Picking a point in the field you are interested as well as an expert. It will give an additional favorable position over different authors, and your content could stretch a draw in a huge number of people. 

3. Keep it clean 

Keep your content simple and straightforward. Try not to express your vocabulary skills which compel to check the meaning or other references. The revolution content in the market is extremely simple and plain, easy to understand without any grammatical and typographical errors.

Be sure, your content is clean and meaningful, don’t write for words but for meaning and make your audiences understand. Even a simple 200 words post can easily attract more than 5000 visitors rather a lengthy 1000 words article.

4. Be innovative and Up-to-date 

Writing fresh and unique content is the ideal way to show your intellectual. No one loves to read plagiarized content and duplicate content would never help you to make a good blogger. Don’t worry if your content is not highly informative. You will improve it sooner or later.

Be up to date in your field, try to write something about new for your audiences. Add some personal touch to the articles to make it more useful and offer some remedy to make it useful for readers. Give it value over the competitor’s.

5. Share Useful Information 

Share useful information via writing blog post. Don’t write the content that no one really liked and do the search. Insured that what exactly your readers expect from you. Follow the top blogs that are related to you, in order to get an idea of what kinds of blog posts people really love. 

image credit:advancedwebranking.com

Make your post with plenty of quality information and always remember that you are writing for other guest post blog, so make sure that you come up with reliable and solid content with surplus information. Again uniqueness is the key to a winning guest post.

6. Try not to compose (Just) for back backlinks

Don’t write any articles just for only to build backlinks. It is true, backlinks are important but once you have shared useful and high-quality content, you will eventually earn fan-followers and reputation online. This will help you to make more  traffics to your site.

7. Choose the right blog 

This is another key trick to choosing the right blogs for you. Make sure, you would like to improve your web traffic and reputation online. Try to submit the guest post in major blogs like Mashable, Search Engine Journal, MOZ etc. 

In fact, start with low or medium reputed blogs, before submitting your posts to these well-reputed sites. Once you have the flow, consistency and popularity, the greater the chances of you to contribute those sites.

8. Follow their Guidelines 

When you are writing for other blogs or journals, obviously they must have some guidelines or rules that they based on before approving your articles and submission on their blog. As you know, your content will affect both you and the blog so adhere to their guidelines to come up with quality content that matches with their requirements.

9. Follow your readers

Follow your readers! If you have written something special in your guest post would end up a huge number of comments from various readers. Try to reply their comments and build trust between the readers and you.

10. Focus on your Targeted Audience

Your content must be relevant and focus on your audience. Listen to their voices and try to write something for their interesting.


Ariana enjoys blogging and nurtures interest on all most all topics. She contributes in many reputed blogs, social platforms and makes her living as a content writer. She is associated with Content Rally and Real Wealth Business etc.

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