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Smart Tips to Make Your Home Look and Feel Luxurious
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Buying luxury properties is a dream we all share. But nonetheless, until you become affluent enough to manage to buy your own luxury property in one of London’s most popular neighbourhoods, like we all dream, try to offer your home a high luxury profile. Professional realtors claim they, most of the time, use affordable or even low-budget accessories and furniture to decorate the houses previously to a home closing. Below are some smart tips to turn your middle-class home into a classy and luxurious space.

Create an accent wall

In the kitchen, living room, or bedroom, accent walls work like a charm in creating a luxurious, upper-end vibe. Choose wallpaper or DIY your own accent wall.

To use this strategy with success, ensure you leave a clear delimitation line between your accent wall and the rest of the walls and ceiling. Of course, these walls work amazingly if the rest of your home is painted in white.

If wallpaper options are not fit for the general design of your home, simply paint a wall in a dark shade of blue. This trick never fails and always makes rooms appear bigger and higher.

Hide your ugly chairs

Dressing up a basic, visually unappealing chair is a fool-proof way to make your home appear more luxurious.

Fortunately, for you, this is a trick that offers you plenty of movement space and flexibility. There are several ways that work like a charm when it comes to making your chairs look expensive.

Out of those, one of the easiest to implement is adding a fluffy chair cover. These are affordable enough to be a good investment in all households. Besides, if you choose a wool or sheepskin cover, you’ll boost your home’s cosiness levels tremendously in a matter of minutes. Paint the rest of your chair in a golden or copper shade. This will take your whole room design up a notch, closer to luxurious homes.   

Luxurious-looking throw blankets

All luxury homes share a common element: staggering numbers of throw blankets and pillows. And this happens for a solid reason: when used smartly, they dress up a room in a matter of seconds. Use them in the master bedroom, living room and even in the hallway. Putting a throw blanket on an armchair will change its looks and feel immediately.

Consider buying such blankets in different patterns and textures. This will add more dimension to your rooms, making them good finishes touches in all spaces where they’re integrated.

Small sculptures

If you ever take a stroll down on London’s most luxurious neighbourhoods, you will be impressed by the number of statues you will see. In gardens or at their entrances, luxury homes in London all have a small or large statue part of the general decor. Well, you might not be able to have a stunning sculpture in your yard, but several small ones scattered around your home will make a huge difference.  

You don’t need to invest in expensive elements. Even vases and other similar items work wonderfully at making a room appear more luxurious, spacious and bigger. Choose elements that fit perfectly with any other previous décor element you might have in your rooms. Of course, you should coordinate all your rooms’ décor and vibe. This will create coherence and a theme for your home.

Fancy planters and plenty of plants

Fancy planters with metallic accents can create a feeling of luxury and style. Avoid buying planters in multiple colours or designs. This will throw your entire home design in the eclectic design sphere. And although this can have real luxury vibes, it’s easy to spoil the entire look of a home.

Better choose your planters in plain, minimalist designs. Choose them in varying sizes, depending on your needs. Use them both indoors and outdoors, for a coherent look.

Of course, you have to plant something in your planters. Choose your plants carefully, depending on the climate where you live. But greenery is known as a guaranteed way to improve the looks of your home.

Add a pop of colour

All luxury homes you see in magazines seem to have a pop of colour, whether we’re discussing modern home designs or traditional ones.

Professional interior designers claim that integrating a pop of colour in your general design will make your home appear brighter and roomier.

To successfully integrate colour into your home design, consider investing in throw pillows. Colours such as bright yellow or turquoise make great choices when trying to spice up your colour palette. Accessories can also be chosen in similar shades, to make all your home design more appealing.

These pieces of advice are easy to follow and affordable enough for everybody to use in their own homes. Luxury is in price, but you can overcome the monetary barrier easily until you manage to buy your own luxury home.

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